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Comment: Re: They're right you bunch of freetards (Score 1) 612

by LinuxLuver (#49665971) Attached to: To Laid-Off Southern California Edison Workers: Boo-Hoo
GM and Chrysler aren't good examples. They deliberately crashed their companies so it could become politically acceptable to build their cars in China. This was Ovid to me from 2003. They we're being told what they needed to do.... and ignored all the advice. There had to be a reason that. New factories in China was the reason.

Comment: Re: They're right you bunch of freetards (Score 1) 612

by LinuxLuver (#49665927) Attached to: To Laid-Off Southern California Edison Workers: Boo-Hoo
And with that, discussion of the important issues in the original post was hijacked. Unscrupulous employers blaming their workers is nothing new. The real problem here is debt. If the people who work for these asses had cash in the back instead of debt milestones around their necks they could flick these guys the finger and tell them train the cheap foreign Labour themselves. Good luck with that. Calling your people lazy when you're just a greedy prick is bad karma.

Comment: Desalination would be cheaper.... (Score 1) 678

by LinuxLuver (#49523691) Attached to: William Shatner Proposes $30 Billion Water Pipeline To California
As a stop-gap measure (on the way to poisoning the entire planet anyway, eventually).....desalination would buy some time. Religion and cigarettes are two obvious proofs as to why the human race has no future. Not a rational one, anyway. If we can't guard our sanity / mental health and our physical health directly from delusion and voluntarily consumed carcinogens........the air, earth and water doesn't stand a chance. Take the salt out of the ocean water. It's right there at the beach. It will buy some time.

Comment: Re: Obama wants to become Judge Dredd? (Score 1) 289

Agreed. The US would be a much better, saner country under a parliamentary model, with representatives elected via proportional representation. The US Constitution is proving to be a disaster..... though of course most Americans wouldn't understand why even if you explained it to them. They know next to nothing about alternative political models.... Or why NO ONE copies the US model.... At least, not in the last 50 years.

Comment: Re:Whether you think climate change is real or not (Score 1) 416

by LinuxLuver (#49287597) Attached to: Politics Is Poisoning NASA's Ability To Do Science
BS to this: "the cold waters of Earth's deep ocean have not warmed measurably since 2005", according to a new NASA study, leaving unsolved the mystery of why global warming appears to have stopped in 1998. It started in 1978. But there really has been no warming this century." The careful choice of words about "deep ocean" ignores the rest of the ocean. It takes centuries for the deep ocean to be affected by what's going on up top. Beware of lies told in this way.

Comment: Re: It's a scam (Score 1) 169

by LinuxLuver (#49277571) Attached to: A Mars One Finalist Speaks Out On the "Dangerously Flawed" Project
It's only a scam if the intention was to defraud or deceive. I don't think that applies here. It's been an opportunity to put the idea out there and see who gets behind it and sorted it with cash. I'm fairly certain that if they were on target to raising the funds we would see concrete things happening. It was always outrageously ambitious. Good on them for trying. But this is perhaps also an example of how private operations are relatively weak compared to governments.... Who do the heavy lifting everywhere. Governments are edging toward a Mars mission. The US$3 trillion Bush flushed down the toilet in Iraq would have been more than enough.

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