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Comment: Changing passwords / creating passwords (Score 1) 203

by LinuxLuver (#47883681) Attached to: 5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked, Google Says No Evidence Of Compromise
I change my Gmail password at least every 3 months. I never use the same password twice, though I do use the same 'formula" to compose the passwords other than my Gmail account. For my primary Gmail account, I don't use the formula. So if you hack my primary Gmail account, you can't get into my backup / recovery account easily...or vice-versa. This is easy to do and you don't need a powerful memory. Just a meta-memory.

Comment: Re: Uninsured? (Score 1) 171

by LinuxLuver (#47714879) Attached to: Why Chinese Hackers Would Want US Hospital Patient Data
I hear the sark... But It's worth pointing out that "ObamaCare" was the only formulation of reform that the GOP cross over members of Congress would support. I got critics of this reform keep in view that it COULD have been much better had the Republicans not crippled it. But they blame Obama for it. They have no shame because they have no integrity.

Comment: Re:Nope, they anticipated this (Score 1) 441

by LinuxLuver (#46060005) Attached to: Why Whistleblowers Can't Get a Fair Trial
True then and true now. Most democracies (almost 90% today) avoid this problem by using proportional voting systems that deliver diverse, multi-party legislatures where no one party controls everything. So they must work together....and if one party refuses to play ball, then usually someone else will. It's not perfect, but it's massively better than how the US does things. (In a system using proportional representation (dependong on how it is set up), voters vote for a party (list PR with candidates on ranked lists), or a person who represents a party (STV - Single transferable Vote) - or both - (Mixed-Member Proportional with local and list candidates) and seats are allocated to parties based on their share of the total vote. Ten percent of the vote gets a party 10% of the seats. Votes actually count! They elect people that voters actually want. No matter where you live..... It's so much better. It's insane the US is incapable of revising it's failed political institutions. Most Americans have no idea how their own country actually works.

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