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Comment Re: Amazon... (Score 1) 206

Totally agree. Taxis everywhere are highly regulated... and often for excellent reasons. A company that wasn't to ignore that (and related vested interests) will have HUGE problems. When I looked at Under when I first heard of them it was obvious to me if they had any success at all it would be fleeting due to transport regulators everywhere streamlining Uber out.

Comment France may have improved over the years....... (Score 1) 213

.....but it was France who bombed the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior, at a downtown wharf in Auckland, New Zealand in 1985. They killed one of the crew. Granted, that was a conservative French government and they (conservatives) do tend to be sociopathic murderers. One of the many reasons I never vote for conservatives. Anywhere.

Comment Good to know. (Score 1) 173

At least this House vote gives us some clarity about what the GOP *really* think of Russia: "No problem". I'm inclined to agree. Mr Putin isn't perfect, but he's a long way better than most world leaders and it can be argued he is defending his own country's interests effectively and isn't really a threat to the US. Pretty much what Putin himself has been saying. We should remember to discount GOP fear mongering and bluster on the subject of Russia. They don't really mean it.

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