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Comment Re: Polaroid Obama (Score 1) 315

The error in your comment is that you assume all Muslims behave as you describe. The reality is that the crimes you mention would be committed in far greater numbers by Christians. But the religion isn't deemed to be relevant in that case. Nor is it relevant when a Muslim behaves badly. A person who commits those crimes is a bad person no matter what their religion. That's simple enough that even a bigot should be able to understand it. Maybe.

Comment Bypassing Blockages (Score 1) 256

Bitcoin has the advantage of bypassing blockades by the mainstream payment methods (credit cards and PayPal). It also avoids the many restrictions the banking system imposes on anything. I've had my credit card blocked yet again by my bank for trying to but things online IBM places it doesn't expect me to. I'm talking about buying something innocuous like a Target gift card. OK, Target don't take Bitcoin, yet. I also note the value of Bitcoins has increased by over 50% this year. It's around US$410 / 1 BTC. Five years ago it was $16.

Comment I won't pay for billionaire's propaganda (Score 1) 311

Much of the established media is simply the mouthpiece of whichever billionaire owns it. I'm not paying them to mislead me by distorting my world. This year I contributed $1000 to an independent journalism foundation, as well as subscribed to some much smaller media sources I felt were doing good work. If more of us pay attention and support the good guys with money and by promoting their work then we will begin to solve the problem.

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