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Comment: JavaScript (with WebDAV) (Score 1) 634

by LimeBits (#28828645) Attached to: The Best First Language For a Young Programmer

Forget server-side languages -- Ruby, Perl, Java, PHP, CGI, etc.

All you need for a great programming intro is JavaScript. Results are immediately and graphically visible in the browser. Language is not too complex. And it's flawed enough to spark interesting discussions in a subsequent, advanced class.

Recommended adjunct tools:

* WebDAV for data storage (see LimeBits , and its Axis library)

* Firebug for tracing and debugging

* jQuery for DOM manipulation


Comment: Teach JavaScript (Score 1) 452

by LimeBits (#25339623) Attached to: How Should I Teach a Basic Programming Course?

It's the coolest and most interactive language -- most immmediately available (in every browser), and you get immediate and gratifying feedback (seeing results and interacting in your browser).

And it's cool because the JavaScript language itself has understandable structure, with an ultramodern approach to functions, scoping, and objects. Use the excellent book "Javascript: The Good Parts".

With a WebDAV server like (disclaimer: I work there), you get automatic state storage and data storage, which overcomes limitations of running in the browser. LimeBits is an execution platform for open-source JavaScript, as well as a free storage server.

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