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Comment: Why do you need fun? (Score -1) 239

by Lilo-x (#40203123) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Syncing Files With Remote Server While On the Road?

you are going on Holiday? your photos should be important and not add to the stress of a holiday

Take a backup of your photos as you travel, store them on your laptop and also on an external disk. Practice good physical security and keep them separate where possible, (if you leave the laptop in the hotel, take the disk with you)

Use Dropbox, it will do exactly what you want, but bear in mind that you will be uploading 1.5GB of photos a day (5MB per photo assumed), so that is a lot of data to send on sketchy wifi links and you may end up not being able to send them all back in this manner.

An effective way to make sure they are all sent home, is to burn to DVD every few days and post them home. It will probably be a lot more cost effective, easier and quicker than sending 20GB of data back to your PC.

If you are using a DSLR and Raw, you may have up to 210GB of photos at the end of your vacation. (50MB a photo assumed)

Comment: late Player into the market (Score 0) 397

by Lilo-x (#38506394) Attached to: Charlie Kindel On Why Windows Phone Still Hasn't Taken Off

It isn't popular because it is the 3rd player in a well populated market. There is no point in getting in to all of the details as they have been gone over 100 times before... If you want a smartphone you get an iPhone, if you want an open smartphone or can't afford an iPhone you get an Android phone.

Apple turned the industry on it's head, Android is doing a good job of ensuring competition and openness (to a degree). There just isn't a place for a Microsoft phone. Doing something better isn't good enough anymore, you need to offer people something new and get a jump of 12 months of the competition when you do it.

In the mobile market people are know about their options, this isn't a beige box world where the default operating system and applications being sold are all MS based.

The consumer has moved on, and that is what will damage a company's bottom line more than anything these days if you can't keep up with what they want.

Comment: backhanded (Score 0) 141

by Lilo-x (#37308672) Attached to: .UK Registrar Offers To Let Police Close Domain

Nominet actually sent a questionaiire out to the membership asking for their feedback, I had to question it as it was extremely leading,

Question 1)

Do you think Nominet should have the power to shut down domains?

The problem was, even if you answered No, all subsequent questions were asked as though you had answered Yes.

Comment: dictionary (Score -1) 563

by Lilo-x (#32965496) Attached to: Passwords That Are Simple — and Safe(?)

Just take the most common dictionaries and parse users passwords against those, this would actually use less resource overall for sites with millions of users.

Then also just setup honeypots that monitor password traffic coming in from these spambots and when you trigger x amounts of a password being attempted add it to the dictionaries.

It seems as usual MS are trying to come up with an unnecessary solution.


Comment: redundant (Score 0) 99

by Lilo-x (#32137684) Attached to: Diskless Booting For the Modern Age

Im sorry, but with virtualisation and it's boot from SAN capability this is pretty redundant now, it's old technology and there are reasons it hasn't moved along,

changing drivers can break boot
changing the kernel means custom compiles
mpio support isn't straight forard
NFS is showing its age

and with virtualisation you can boot from the network, and you can use ethernet/fc/iscsi/nfs

Comment: this is not new (Score -1) 135

by Lilo-x (#29308647) Attached to: Hosting Data-Transfer Quotas Are Fading Out

this is not a new model, hosting companies have been doing this for the last 12 years, 1&1 are not pioneering this, its just a marketing trick to get the people hosting with you who have no idea on their traffic usage so just want "unlimited" in reality they use 100mb a month of transfer and have 200meg of files (mostly e-mail)

This is the general rule of thumb - people use 30% of what they buy in large quoted plans, this is mainly due to poor space management on their behalf because they have so much space.

When people start overusing this unlimited plan will be thrown out of the window and they will be quietly removed, and because 1&1 technical support is so removed from being able to make any decision or assist in any way you'll just have to move out to a new company.

Shared hosting isn't dead, Rackspace just don't understand it properly, there will always be a middle ground of people who do not want to be contrained into a system that limits you or that is overly complex to get the same benifits you can from shared hosting for $4 a month.

Hosting companies will constantly adapt and change their portfolio to respond to their customers demands.

Saying shared hosting is "dead" is also placing the coffin lid on all the 3rd party web applications people use on their hosting services (cpanel/vbulletin/kayako). This is nonsense, people will always want diversification.

Shared hosting in effect is cloud hosting, you upload your data to servers that you don't control and you have no idea who is accessing your data at a sysadmin level or where your data actually sits. You have to have faith in the company you choose to be responsible.


Comment: Re:A legacy of colonialism (Score -1) 263

by Lilo-x (#28925465) Attached to: New HIV Strain Discovered

the proliferation of prostitution has led to the main increase in HIV, that and the ongoing problem of Mother to baby transmission,

Men in Africa do not think it is manly to wear a condom, the continued efforts based around circumcision and awareness are having somewhat of an impact

anyway this is worrying, continued strains may adapt differently to new strains, the concern is around how easily they spread, and whether one day they will mutate into a super aids that is airborne. This is much more likely with a new strain than already existing controlled strains.

Comment: Re:HIV Positive (Score 0, Informative) 263

by Lilo-x (#28925415) Attached to: New HIV Strain Discovered

I know this was meant to be a joke, but having HIV does not mean you should not protect yourself against HIV exposure, it is possible to contract a different strain which can cause complications, I also believe there has been research into HIV being advanced when coming into contact with someone who has the same but further advanced strain.


+ - RTMPd - The C lightning fast RMPT Server-> 2

Submitted by
Danila Mircea
Danila Mircea writes "I guess if you took the time to read this you are all familiar with Flash Media Server (FMS), Wowza, Red5 and others. Well, there is another player in this business and it seems that the project momentum makes it a favorite. The name is RTMPd located at
Recently Adobe just threatened to sue Sourceforge if they don't remove the rtmpdump project, which was actually a reverse engineer of the Flash client to dump RTMP (stands for Real Time Multimedia Protocol) data. All this was because the guy there reversed engineered the RTMPE protocol also (the encrypted one) and it is not so encrypted anymore, the reverse engineering showing lots of weaknesses. Well, yesterday released the server version of the same protocol, becoming the first serious competitor to FMS. I know this sounds like an ad for some of you, but the server I am talking about is free, yes, you heard me right: BSD license. It works on all BSD platforms, OSX and Windows. The Linux port is underway."

Link to Original Source

Comment: custom patch (Score -1) 837

by Lilo-x (#27729071) Attached to: Handmade vs. Commercially Produced Ethernet Cables

All our stuff is custom patched,

we deploy 80 servers in a single rack unit, each with 4 ethernet cables, thats a total of 320 hand made cables per a footprint, - 6720 over one 21 rack footprint along with other cables - probably 7500 cables

How many problems have we had in the last twelve months? - 2 and these were weeded out within 24 hours of deployment via testing.

Your boss seems to have run a few google checks looking purely for negatives

that being said, for a single cable run, I might just buy a long cable ;) you probably have over spent :P

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