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Comment: NASA Experimentation (Score -1, Troll) 52

by Light and Truth (#26676091) Attached to: NASA Offering Free Zero Gravity Flights
Many recent developments in space travel (from nongovernment monies) are inclusive of experiments in thought process control. Nine out of ten or more of space based experiments involve high dosages of radiation (magnetic and sub-light frequencies). Under conditions of microgravity the human brain is unable to provide natural resistance (defense mechanism) to neural pathway control as shown in documents revealed by NASA: Human Space Flight Experiment Test Battery Program. This program's output (research) was not permitted to the public under the Bush/Clinton/Reagan administration until as late as 2007 when requests made under Freedom of Information Act (Title 5 US Code Section 552) led to public discovery.

Comment: High levels of radiation (Score 5, Funny) 161

by Light and Truth (#26440195) Attached to: IBM Creates MRI With 100M Times the Resolution
This is a concerning development for those who have been following the advancement of science (MRI Technology). One of the undocumented effects (intentional) of MRI is "direct particle insertion" where the resonance of strong magnetism can be used to transport matter particles as energy through short distances and reassembled within confines of enclosed cavity (skull or chest). This is DOCUMENTED FACT as established by Dr. Paul C. Lauterbur in 1971 through research papers (suppressed as unpublished). With current levels of technology there is too much diffusion by radio waves to take advantage of timing effects due to low resolution. Experiments are performed DAILY to eliminate high levels of interference (government frequencies) but none could prove beyond a doubt a way to perfect a technique for changing neurons due to the small size (can be seen with the strongest microscope only). Having mapped a human brain (genomics) with fine resolution permits modification of magnetic waves to CREATE AND DESTROY thought. This tech was five years to deployment but has been accelerated for widespread acceptance (planned by bureaucracy).

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