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Comment: Re:You mean DMLS? (Score 2) 74

by LiavK (#45137569) Attached to: ESA 'Amaze' Project Aims To Take 3D Printing 'Into the Metal Age'
From the wikipedia article: "Gas dynamic cold spray (GDCS) is a coating deposition method developed in the mid-1980s in the Soviet Union." Nice. I've never heard of this technology. For a while I was working for a small startup doing some mechanical design and was doing research into exotic fabrication technologies. I came across some truly great technologies -- hydroforming, which uses hydrolic pressure to form metal into deep draw forms and Explosive Forming which, yes, involves using explosive to shape metals were two of my favourites.

+ - Examining the expected effects of dark matter on the solar system

Submitted by LiavK
LiavK writes: Ethan Siegel recently wrote a great post for ScienceBlogs discussing the expected total mass of dark matter in the solar system. As far as we can tell, dark matter only interacts weakly, via gravity, both with itself and normal matter. So, it can't collide with itself, meaning that it has no way of getting hotter and radiating away energy and momentum. This means that it remains a diffuse mess, with a density that is ridiculously low, to the point where detecting its local effects is likely to remain... challenging for the foreseeable future. Does Dark Matter affect the motion of the Solar System?

+ - Studying the Internal Ballistics of a Combustion Driven Potato Cannon->

Submitted by LiavK
LiavK writes: 'Potatoes launched with acetylene were also destructive to wooden boards and plastic objects initially employed as backstops before transitioning to 6mm thick steel plate..'

Son, you need to get yourself some acetylene. Just one of the conclusions reached by a team US Air Force researchers studying the efficacy of different combustible propellents in potato cannons.

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Comment: Picking a CMS (Score 1) 70

by LiavK (#43394123) Attached to: Book Review: MODx Revolution - Building the Web Your Way

I just finished a hand-coded revision to my personal website. It's small and modest and after going at it for about a week, it was clearly time to switch over to a CMS.

This is the fourth one I've come across that comes highly recommended (see also, Stacey, Bootstrap, and, obviously, Wordpress). What are the differentiators? How do you decide?

Comment: The name (Score 2) 197

by LiavK (#43250679) Attached to: Intel's Pentium Chip Turns 20 Today
There's a nice New Yorker podcast from a couple of years ago that discusses what went into picking the name: http://www.newyorker.com/online/2011/10/03/111003on_audio_colapinto . It was done by Lexicon Branding, who actually write code to break up words into phonems and then remix those sounds into new words. The program spits out lists of candidates that are then vetted by the linguists at Lexicon. I found it a really interesting discussion.

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