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Comment: Who doesn't see aliens now ? (Score 1) 686

by Lexor (#47218227) Attached to: Aliens and the Fermi Paradox
YOU might not see aliens, I might not see aliens, but hundreds of thousands have had very unusual experiences and there's more than enough evidence -- including high level military witnesses -- that the US Government makes a big deal about this topic and goes out of the way to ridicule anyone who gets close to making a big deal about it.

Comment: Arcology (Score 2) 414

by Lexor (#43440549) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Warns Against Confining Ourselves To Earth
While I admire Hawking using his celebrity to promote a noble cause, his thought process doesn't quite point to "genius" on this one right now.

None of the other planets in human-survivable range (without anything from Area 51) have breathable atmosphere, so we'd have to build closed systems to sustain us on other planetary bodies.

So, why not just build an underground Arcology right here on Earth instead and save the travel time ? Unless the Earth actually explodes, it should be able to sustain a community just as well as any on another planet... as long as it has strong doors and locks.

Comment: Philips killed my childhood (Score 5, Interesting) 193

by Lexor (#42622307) Attached to: iPod Engineer Tony Fadell On the Unique Nature of Apple's Design Process
The Odyssey Command Center (Odyssey 3) video game console was axed by Philips just as it was about to ship. It wasn't the strongest offering at the time but it offered backwards compatibility with Odyssey 2 games and was to be expandable with a modem and BASIC.

I was saving my dollars and ready to buy but it was axed shortly after they promoted the hell out of it at the CES and Knoxville World's Fair. Jerks.

Comment: Bored in orbit ??? (Score 2, Insightful) 464

by Lexor (#28119403) Attached to: Is Playing a DVD Harder Than Rocket Science?
I'll likely remain Earthbound for my entire life yet I usually find plenty to do before I'm tempted by mass media. Spare time or not, I can't imagine being so bored during a relatively short Shuttle mission that I'd want to fire up a movie. Instead, why not grab a camera and inspire other people who won't ever get the chance to orbit our planet.

+ - Disasters Expose Man's Deadly Short-Term Planning->

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Alex Golitsis
Alex Golitsis writes: "A reflection on the latest Japanese incident on my techblog: "It seems extremely easy to look to nuclear power as a source of energy which does not immediately contribute to problems like carbon emissions or air pollution. In reality, generating energy by nuclear fission exposes mankind's gross negligence.""
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