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Interesting Uses For a USB LED Screen? 403

Hogwash McFly writes "My boss gave me one of those USB-powered red LED scrolling displays as a Christmas gift, and while cycling the usual 'I read your emails' and 'ID10T Error' messages will be entertaining for a day or two, I was wondering if it could be put to more constructive uses. The configuration file is plaintext and supports different scroll speeds, flashing, bitmaps, and WAV sounds. The font is defined as 5x5 pixels per character, also stored in plaintext as 5 hex values, one for each vertical line of pixels. A dynamically generated message could prove useful in my day-to-day work on the helpdesk, but are there any interesting uses beyond network notifications and news feeds?"

Comment Re:Hint: you're CANADIAN. (Score 1) 646

Yes, Canada is different but enough people have brought up assumptions and have mentioned Canada to assume that Canada has the same problems as the US that it is completely valid for us Canadians to post and let you know, North of the border is not the same.

And yes we have a very multicultural society, there are ghettos (Jane and Finch in Toronto, Parts of North Montreal), and poor neighbourhoods that are populated by immigrants, native reservations that are no more than shanty towns, as well as the staggering staggering poverty of east Vancouver.

Although a large percentage of Black people I meet in Canada are newer immigrants from the Caribbean, and Africa, there is a long, and interesting black history up here too (Africaville, The Colored Corps, and The Underground Railroad).

Canada too has a history of discrimination against Natives, Asians, Blacks, East Asians, Irish, Eastern Europeans, English in Quebec, French in Ontario, etc), at some time in history nearly every non-English/non-French group - but as time goes by, race relations are getting better and although far from perfect, compared to the media and experiences visiting the US, things seem better here.

Maybe us Canadians are posting because we feel slighted when our culture is lumped in to the US culture.

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