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Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 572

For those that say "but they will not see in the dark or with rain" there is a simple solution: adapt to the speed you can travel, so slow down. That is the whole purpose.

Similar to what I said earlier in the discussion, you could also fill the road with potholes to make people slow down. You are making the road less safe to scare people, while also completely disregarding their need to get somewhere in a timely manner.

Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 572

No, it's not. You could also fill the street with potholes. That would slow people down (and damage their cars) with no benefit. Not having the lines to guide people, keeping them in safe lanes, could cause them to slow down to a speed that wasn't needed before you did it.

Yes, accidents are more severe at high speed. But we still have high speed expressways, right? You're reminding me of that Bloom County cartoon from the 1980s, where Milo accused Opus of wanting 30,000 people to die on the highways because he didn't support a 15 MPH speed limit over 55.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 2) 580

Well, just because you can make ads that fill up the entire page and can't be skipped, move around the screen, play videos and sound, or redirect the browser to another page, doesn't mean you should. That's abuse.

It's annoying how much space is dedicated to advertising in a print magazine, but at least it doesn't do those things. If it did, print would be dying even faster than it is.

Comment Doesn't need to be the end (Score -1, Interesting) 173

Europe can be fixed. First, realize that you are Christian and that the muslim colonizers wish to replace your society with their own failed ones. Fight! European Christians have fought muslim invasion for 1000 years. The war never ended. The Hungarians know that. Deny all muslims asylum, benefits, work permits, etc. They have the right to be arrested and held in camps until transportation home can be found. Next, all members must contribute to a real coast guard, and armed border guard. Obviously Greece and Italy can't handle the onslaught alone. Throw in an increase in military spending. Russia is also a lethal threat. Schengen is dead. Interstate travel should be freely allowed but not residency or work permits. They should be should be controlled by the host state. The Euro is also dead. It makes no sense for the less competitive economies of the south. Floating their own currencies will make them competitive. The end of the Euro will help reduce the political, and fiscal hegemony of Germany, the Euro's primary beneficiary.

Comment Re:$40K still a lot for most folks (Score 1) 37

The difference is what can be done about it.

If the market decides that it's not important for people to have this, then the only way to change that is for the people who need it to somehow become rich. If the regulators decide people shouldn't have this, then the voters can change that. And if you factor in the increased independence and productivity of the recipients, it might not cost that much.

Of course the way we do it now is we force employers to make accommodations. That's better than nothing, but statistically the public is still paying; the burden is just randomly concentrated on a few unlucky employers.

Comment Re:Tax Returns??? (Score 1) 176

A lot of people simply don't understand how the system works. One of my in-laws convinced her husband to put in 0 withholding allowances (or maybe 1; I forget) for years, ending up with a huge refund. Mind you, they had several children, so it was a relatively immense check. I think she thought somehow this was a hack that got them free money. Meanwhile, he had to borrow money from his own kids sometimes, because his cash flow was so bad.

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