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Comment Re:Why would premiums drop? (Score 1) 216 216

There is not much incentive to reduce premiums on something people are legally required to maintain. They can simply say they have to charge a lot because the risk profile is not yet known. I don't know what analysts are there that are predicting the effect on auto insurers when there isn't yet a single autonomous vehicle available to the public. I think people are vastly overestimating the adoption rate of this technology. The insurance certainly won't be any cheaper so long as it remains a niche market with many unknowns.

Comment Re:Consider the background of auto makers (Score 1) 158 158

Yes, but brake lines are needed, where as communication systems permitting external input are not needed. When vulnerabilities are created by add-on features that aren't truly necessary, but expose life safety and theft risks, that can be negligence. I hope out of this issue, that message is understood before lawmakers start mandating V2V communications.

Comment Re:Gee, I'm really torn... (Score 1, Insightful) 129 129

What if they just steal the ad revenue and pretend to send the ad? If it's invisible it does no good to send it at all. Even in matters of fraud, please no half measures. We could even have a service where a host out the cloud takes your place and receives ads and even pretends to click links and thus pretends to be you for all advertising purposes, yet your phone or PC never has to receive the data at all. The advertising profile could be attached to a pseudonym, so it doesn't compromise your privacy or security. Your favorite websites get paid, advertisers get righteously fucked and the villagers rejoice.

Comment Re:Who needs Lifelock? (Score 1) 54 54

Lifelock lost any real value it may have had when they were ordered to stop filing repeated fraud-alerts on the customer's behalf as the core of their service, thanks to the FTC! It's a service one can provide for themselves if they wish to be troubled to do so every 90 days. Credit freeze may be vastly more effective for anyone that actually cares to invest the effort.
One tip I have for anyone setting fraud-alerts in hopes they will contract you about new credit issues is to make sure you update your phone number with the agencies before setting the fraud alert. I didn't think about that and now I can't check on my credit because they want to call a 5 year old number.

Comment Re:Ageism v sexism (Score 1) 634 634

Do you have any tangible examples of sexist hiring from your own life? Not subjective issues of cultural comfort in the workplace or percentages hired, but instances where you really feel gender affected a hiring decision where it shouldn't have. If so was this in Silicon Valley or elsewhere?

Comment Re:It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permiss (Score 2) 368 368

The typical shotgun bird-shot or bean bag loads aren't totally well suited. It's time for law enforcement to do some basic research on a suitable solution for mid-range drone mitigation using readily available tools. Possibly workable would be 12 gauge with 32" barrel chambered for 3 1/2 inch magnum shells and having a tight choke and shot cup designed for maximum range without exceeding #6 shot size for safety. This configuration would probably double the effective range compared to a cylinder choked defensive shotgun with target load bird-shot. Defining the best load for the defensive shotguns issued to police would take some trial and error and with some needed compromise could probably be workable out to about 40 yards max. I'd rather see a purpose built weapon for issue to helicopters in flight as they would no doubt have unique challenges and concerns. Assuming the pilot is in range it also might be effective to simply announce on the load-speaker that the pilot will be arrested if the drone is not grounded immediately.

Comment Re:Certs are for noob's. (Score 1) 213 213

The most obnoxious certs are ones that test based on such an odd collection of details rather than any real understanding that people only pass be using brain dumps to cheat. Then the company keeps ratcheting up the difficultly of obtuse and poorly written questions, people continue to pass by cheating and the vendor never realizes what a bunch of crap their program is for anyone who attempts to do them honestly. That is my definition of a worthless cert. I suspect this comes from vendors allowing non-technical marketing types to become involved in creating test material. They write fucked off questions and have no idea they are fucked off questions.

Comment Re:360 degrees is not what you think it is (Score 1) 133 133

Now filing patent on process of using evil software to collect any information from victims generally referred to as customers to be used for the purpose of monetizing supposedly free services or for extracting additional revenue from existing paying victims AKA customers.

License fee for tech companies, ten dollars per user.

Comment Re: Silicon Valley Isn't Wrestling with it (Score 1) 398 398

Diversity obsession needs to stop. As a white worker in a 70% Indian team where my coworkers speak Hindi to each other 60% of the time even when discussing projects. I can just say I've had enough talk of this supposed lack of diversity. I've also had black peers, managers, VPs and CEOs. I've had female peers, VPs and CTOs. I've served with technically brilliant people of all kinds and useless incompetents of all kinds. Nobody cares about anything but ability and attitude. The biggest thing slowing any shift in staffing numbers is that we draw mostly from the existing pool because everyone hires people with experience, but that pool is getting thin. Industry will bring in newer people out of necessity and if that pool of qualified candidates is diverse, they will have every chance of being hired if they know how to get in front of hiring managers.

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