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Comment Re:"Reset to factory settings" button (Score 1) 146

A way to reject software updates or uninstall updates that break the device functionality is kind of a must also. Factory reset would be ok for that. They broke my TV with an update that was forced on me and I had to wait four months for another update that fixed it. It's my fucking TV I should have a choice.

Comment Re:Look at the bean counters for your answer (Score 1) 167

It doesn't make it any less short sighted. It takes months at a minimum for new staff to come up to speed and work well in a new environment. Short term staff have no reason to care if the company they work for even continues to exist beyond the end of their contract. They surely have no incentive to make sacrifices and difficult choices out of concern for the long term health of their employer.

Comment Re:Why are Slashdot Editors obsessed (Score 1) 291

I think it's because they know we read and comment on the things that piss us off just as much, or more than content that is actually interesting. Any half-ass SJW opinion piece is bound to get 300 comments in no time. Congratulations Dice, you annoyed most of your female readership with your patronizing nonsense.

Comment Re:It's all about the price (Score 1) 412

I'm glad to live in a somewhat less insane area than SF, but yes moving to the country would be a nice option if you can make a living without commuting. I've got six months on contract and then I'm ready to run away from this madness at least long enough to clear my head and take a fresh approach.

Comment Re:The very act of being on the internet... (Score 1) 133

My impression was ISPs didn't look at much data because they potentially lose the safe harbor protections for copyright and other criminal acts their customers might engage in, but with some of the monitoring of usage type the lines may be a little blurred.
Has this changed in some meaningful way?

Comment Well that should be easy... (Score 1) 156

"fully integrated systems that will allow for the detection, tracking, interdiction, engagement and neutralization of small â" less than 55lb â" unmanned aerial system."

Sure no problem, I'm sure that will be a highly successful project. It's good they didn't set an overly ambitious goal. Nothing a few sharks and laser beams couldn't handle. Plenty of cheap prison labor to dig the shark moat.

Comment Re:This is only going to become more common (Score 1) 46

I think the phone privacy issues are a matter of selective ignorance. People know vaguely what power and potential for abuse exists in smartphones, but it isn't enough to deter their use. They choose to ignore the issue because most people don't have a clear available alternative that still provides the utility. I know how phones can be abused, so Android gets a Google account under a fake name, I refuse to use apps that ask for excessive permissions, I will never install any social media app, basically I self impose a number of restrictions. I'm also fully aware that my phone leaks all kinds of data I wouldn't want to share. At some point it just becomes more important to have the utility of the smartphone and not to have to spend hours rooting and fully privacy protecting my phone in what still might not be an effective effort to have complete control of my information sharing. I just treat my phone as an untrusted device, I limit what information I access and in what interactions I engage. My girlfriend on the other hand would simply say WTF would she have a smartphone if she can't use Facebook? The things I do are only partially effective and they are still steps 95% of the population isn't going to be willing to bother with.

Comment Re:Detecting weapons is NOT the purpose of TSA... (Score 1) 349

I have my doubts that our current programs are really that ineffective. When they take someone who doesn't fit any profile and send them through knowing that if they get caught they are authorized to do what they are doing, it's different than a real world threat scenario. I'd love for them to reduce wasted time and money and I would hope budget cuts will trim them down over time. I'm not hopeful that public opinion is going to make much difference in their approach up until the point that it starts to affect the number of people traveling. I'd bet if ticket sales declined they would respond to that, but so far everyone just adapts and tolerates their invasive stupidity.

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