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Comment: MySQL + SSD (Score 1) 272

by Leolo (#46705903) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which NoSQL Database For New Project?

NoSQL was only necessary because traditional SQL's table joins are slow. Table joins are slow because hard disks are slow. But if your table data is on SSD, disk access stops being slow, joins stop being slow and NoSQL stops being necessary.

I saw a great rant about this a few years ago. I've lost the link though.

Comment: Do it sideways (Score 1) 402

by Leolo (#39853147) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Building A Server Rack Into a New Home?

First off, 2 rj45 per room and 4 in the living room seems to me as excessive. Yes, a hard line is better then wifi, but that's a lot of copper to put in "just in case" when small hubs are cheap.

Second, and more importantly, you don't want a rack. Racks and rack mount gear are sexy but only make sense if space is really tight. Like in a colo rack or if you have 1000 servers. Plain old tower cases on a shelf is more then adequate and costs a lot less.

In my basement I had two closets that were back to back (well, side to side) so I knocked the wall down between them. Now they form a corridor for my gear. I built some deep cantelevered shelves to put the computers on. All of them are in mid or full tower cases, with the back-end towards the main door, front end towards the secondary door. Getting at the back is IMHO more important then the front.

I also sound proofed the space and the main door. The shelving is on hard rubber mats (cow row) to avoid vibration transmission.

For cooling and ventilation, I have the secondary door open with 2 120mm fans in a small box I build. I stretched some old stockings over the intake for filters. The scondary door leads into my storage space which never gets above 20C ever.

Comment: Re:Nest & Tankless heater (Score 1) 281

by Leolo (#39543911) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Shortcuts To a High Tech House

I get the impression that leaks are highly dependent on your water. My associate is on a private well and needs to replace his take every 10 years. He's had 2 tank leak all over the floor. His current tank lives in a small swiming pool.

However, he is pretty much the only person I know who has had a leaking tank.

Comment: Re:Advanced as They Were (Score 1) 243

by Leolo (#39166463) Attached to: Study Suggests Climate Change-Induced Drought Caused the Mayan Collapse

Correction, the fact it is now economically viable to extract shale oil is proof that we are in peak oil. Peak oil does not mean NO MORE OIL! It means OIL SUPPLY STABLE. Combine a stable supply with rising demand and you get rising prices. And hey, look, we are at/near all time highs for crude oil prices.

Comment: Re:Youngins (Score 2) 144

by Leolo (#39142481) Attached to: Developer's View: Real Life Inspirations Or Abstract Ideas?

The sense of disembodiment you talk about is nothing unique to Internet natives. I'm over twice your age and I can remember experiencing the same thing back in the early 90s. William Gibson noticed the same thing happening to people playing Space Invaders even earlier. Which lead him to invent the term "Cyberspace."

Comment: Protection (Score 1) 273

by Leolo (#38869305) Attached to: Shmoocon Demo Shows Easy, Wireless Credit Card Fraud

This is why you put your cards in a SmartCard GUARD. I bought 12 of them, am using only 3. The others I hand to friends and relations when I think to check their credit cards for the RFID logo.

BTW, fraud isn't the only problem with being able to read these cards from a distance. The info could also be used for surveillance.

Comment: CD levy == good thing (Score 1) 265

by Leolo (#36127578) Attached to: Canadian Music Industry Seeks Copy Tax On Memory Cards

The CD levy makes a good deal of sense. I download an album in MP3 format (currently legal in Canda) and burn it to CD that I paid the levy on, and I know the copyright holder will be renumerated.

Now, I assume the levy is then split between copyright holders proportional to their physical sales. Which means that if you download an obscure album, they won't get money. So I always buy album's from smaller, less well known acts on physical media. Ideally at their concert.

Note that IIRC, the RIAA has spoken out against the CD levy. It makes suing music fans in Canada so much harder for them.

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