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Comment How about wind? (Score 1) 465

Probably highest on my wishlist for more realism in FPS games is pretty simple: add wind. While I do delight in sniping the heck out of an opposing team, the thing that gets me is that sniping is so trivially easy in these games due to the fact that no external factors really exist. If you're strafing with machine guns, you obviously lose precision, but in most of these games you just crouch or get prone and have 100% accuracy. If you add wind, I really feel like that might be enough to turn it into a more skilled game, since you COULD die instantly from anywhere, but a sniper can also give away his position without killing you.

Comment Re:jkhsad ass7e bcadjh (Score 5, Insightful) 302

Or how about a GPS system mounted in the back, where you could input the address you wanted to go to?

It would have the added benefit of showing you the trip you were taking and your expected arrival time; it'd also give visitors a way to make sure that the cab driver isn't taking a longer way for a higher fare.

Comment Re:Options (Score 1) 358

Perhaps that's part of the compatibility... it now accurately ignores everything in tags, even if it's a legacy conditional comment. Sure, they may have been a great tool to make cross-browser compatibility a little easier, but if makes IE8 deviate from the spec, then maybe it isn't that important to the IE8 team.

Comment Re:Odd way to terrorize people... (Score 3, Funny) 311

Well I guess a massive penis could be rather threatening, but how would the terrorists make use of my terrifyingly huge penis? Write a message on it? Or maybe they're just trying to get the point across that they have to ability to produce Wangs of Mass Destruction?

I believe you meant, Weapons of Ass Destruction.

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Blizzard Sues Bot Creator; Seeks Customer Info

An anonymous reader writes: After filing a prayer for relief to continue the selling of his WoWGlider, an automation bot for Blizzard's fanatical World of Warcraft, Michael Donnelly has again found himself in some deep water: Blizzard has retorted demanding WoWGlider be shut down, his URL, and financial compensation, but more interestingly they want all of WoWGlider's sales records. Presumably, Blizzard will cross-reference this with their current user database and ban anyone who bought the program. Furthermore, Blizzard claims that WoWGlider violates copyrights by accessing the game client's RAM space, a process which is also done by every anti-virus program. So why is there no Blizzard vs. Symantec?

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