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Journal: Woohoo new bench max and wtf?!?

Journal by LearningHard

Got 305 on bench week before last. Wo0ts for me!

I've really beend seriously playing with Visual C++ .net. It doesn't look too bad so far but MS sure did change some stuff up with their managed code stuff.

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Journal: Life, the universe... and arkansas lol

Journal by LearningHard

Been working out since July I guess. Have increased to a 285lb bench press and >400lb on deadlift and squat. I've been spending most of my free time trying to come up with C++ and .net projects to play with. Got to write some apps for friends that needed them. They tried to start a new tax here that would be an additional 2% on all prepared food. What a croc, the populace came out against it and the city had to rescind the tax yay!

Speaking of it is terrible around here how all the petty people become politicians and proceed to screw everyone over in town. I can only imagine that the larger the town the worse it is only it becomes so diluted it is harder to find specific incidences.

I graduate at last in the spring and Crystal graduates with her MS in Psychology then also. All she has left after that is her internship and she will be scot free so to speak! I have been getting back into some old hobbies, mostly it has consisted of me and a friend going out riding 4-wheelers on the salt flats around his house.

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Journal: Workout Journal

Journal by LearningHard

First day of working out:

Wide Pullups 4x8@130 (Lats, Biceps, Middle Back)
Close Pullups 4x8@130 (Lats, Biceps, Middle Back)
One Arm Rows 3x10@35 (Middle Back, Biceps, Lats)
Reverse Pulldowns 4x6@75 (Lats, Biceps, Middle Back)
Straight Bar Curls 4x10@30 (Biceps)
Preacher Curls 4x8@40 (Biceps)
DB Hammer Curls 3x8@20 (Biceps, Forearms)



Journal: JK Rowling's New Book

Journal by LearningHard
Well, I just finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night. Was a really nice read, pulled me in and interested me like all the other Potter books have. I was not the least bit surprised in who Rowlings killed off; didn't surprise me a bit she didn't have the guts to kill off a more prominent character.

The George RR Marting series "A Song of Fire and Ice" gives you an idea of an author that is definitely not afraid to kill off his characters.

Still I really enjoyed the book. Of course now I am back to rereading the Dragonlance series for the umpteenth time.

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Journal: Week in review

Journal by LearningHard

So, the week ended badly enough with the Spurs winning the title and all. Man that has to be one of the worst finals I have ever witnessed. Just completely unfun.

Everyday my believe that I am not genetically related to my family increases. These people have to be the dumbest group of lemmings I've ever been in contact with. We were discussing why I wouldn't vote for Bush and I pointed out that he had lied and/or twisted the truth about WMDs on numerous occasions. I then compared that to how mad we were when Clinton lied about his extra-marital affair. They replied that they could be mad at Clinton because he lied. They completely ignore the fact that Bush lied about things of much more importance than who he was fucking on the side.

Today I am starting up a new Shadowrun campaign. I've heard that Cyberpunk is really good and I'm going to try it out to. I went to load Max Payne to replay through it some Thursday and it was scratched to hell. That sucks.

Me and my fiancee are still discussing wedding plans. At least now she is fixing to get the money she is supposed to get as a result of her father's death a year and a half ago though.

Back to work for me...

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Journal: Another day on the job and thank god for bf1942

Journal by LearningHard

Another day on the job. Went to lunch with everyone to celebrate some birthdays. I'm thankful for battlefield 1942 since that game helps me get some aggression out. I play as Ashford usually on the servers. You can check my ranking, last I looked it was 27/14000 or so. Not too bad I guess. I'm thinking of taking up flying as the company pilot here really enjoys his job and I love flying.

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Journal: Boring Summer Jobs

Journal by LearningHard

So I'm sitting here thinking of all the different summer jobs I've had as I worm my way slowly through college.

Of course my first actual summer job was before college when I was still in high school. It was the summer I turned 16 and I wanted some money so I got a job at the local Brookshire's as a bagger. This job sucked as it consisted solely of me putting other people's groceries in a bag and carrying them to their vehicle.

I was very glad to quit that job to say the least.

I staved off another summer job until my senior year of high school. After graduation I took a job at Wal-Mart for my money. This job I kept for the next four summers, quitting only during school. Over the years I did everything from check to cartrun and stock. IMHO no decent person should ever have to work for Wal-Mart.

I quit Wal-Mart and worked for two years as a SysAdmin, definitely the most fun I've had. Now I am starting my last summer job, this one as an archivist scanning documents onto computer media and then shredding them.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." -- Albert Einstein