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The Almighty Buck

+ - Casino bans author of Word for being lucky

Submitted by
netbuzz writes "Running a gambling operation, whether you're a casino or government, means more than merely having a license to print money: It means you can be as arbitrary and hypocritical as you please. Feeling the sting of this reality recently is Richard "Quiet Lion" Brodie, best known as the original author of Microsoft Word, who has been banned from all Harrah's casinos for, he says, having the audacity to have gotten lucky at video poker. 1"
The Almighty Buck

+ - New Orleans levee report blames Army Corps

Submitted by
LazyEmc2 writes "I am submitting a story I saw at Dr. Jeff Masters' blog at Weather Underground. nt.html?entrynum=639&tstamp=200703

It points to a report released by Louisiana state Department of Transportation and Development. tm

"The Army Corps yesterday issued a press release defending themselves, saying that all levels of government were involved in the poor decision making for New Orleans' levees, and the Corps should not be singled out for their failures. Regardless, the release of the Team Louisiana report will bolster the legal efforts to sue the Army Corps for damages from Katrina. These claims are currently at $400 billion and growing, including a claim of $77 billion from the city of New Orleans, and $200 billion from the state of Louisiana."

The Army Corps have fired back: n/4653257.html
Story about suits filed against them already: base/news-7/117462801734580.xml&coll=1

Sorry for the lack of HTML."

+ - LGPL Swfdec project now works with YouTube!

Submitted by
Ur@eus writes "The swfdec library which is a LGPL licensed Flash library just announced that code making it work with YouTube has been checked into their Git repository. So you can now view your YouTube movies with an open source solution! This is the result of six months of intensive hacking by swfdec developer Benjamin Otte and a big step forward for opensource Flash support."

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