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+ - Kim Davies Dispels DNS "13 Root Servers" M->

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LazloHollyfeld writes "On the official ICANN blog Australian Internet governance and core infrastructure maven Kim Davies sets the record straight... 'So let's dispel these myths. There are not 13 root servers. What there are is there are many hundreds of root servers at over 130 physical locations in many different countries. There are twelve organisations responsible for the overall coordination of the management of these servers. So where does the 13 number come from?'"
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The Courts

+ - Julie Amero granted new trial->

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Dynamoo writes "As previously covered on Slashdot, Connecticut teacher Julie Amero was facing the possibility of a 40 year jail term because of a spyware infection on a school computer.

The judge in the case today ordered a new trial citing that the original evidence was flawed. This comes after a campaign by security experts and bloggers to have the earlier conviction overturned. It looks unlikely that Amero will actually be tried again, which looks like a great victory for common sense."

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+ - Teacher Julie Amero gets a new trial->

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LazloHollyfeld writes "A New London Superior court judge this morning granted a defense request seeking a new trial for Julie Amero, the former Norwich middle school substitute teacher convicted of exposing her middle school students to Internet porn. Acting on a motion by Amero's attorney, William Dow III, Judge Hillary Strackbein placed the case back on a trial list. Amero had faced 40 years on the conviction of four counts of risk of injury to a minor. State prosecutor David Smith confirmed that further forensic examination at the state crime lab of Amero's classroom computer revealed "some erroneous information was presented during the trial. Amero and her defense team claimed she was the victim of pop-up ads — something that was out of her control. Judge Strackbein said because of the possibility of inaccurate facts, Amero was "entitles to a new trial in the interest of justice." After the brief court appearance, a smiling Amero stood next to her attorney. "I feel very comfortable with the decision," Amero said. Dow commended the state for investigating the case further. A new court date has yet to be scheduled. Amero has reentered a not guilty plea."
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