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Comment Left-eyed this time? (Score 1) 45

I see no mention of whether or not a left-eyed version will be available or if it can be switched to serve whichever eye the user wants. How about that and provisions for using along with a normal set of eyeglasses. I'd rather not have to have to get another set of lenses just for a Glass.

By the way, do any of you remember the 1992 compute and console game "Flashback"?

Comment Re:approves an anti (Score 4, Informative) 446

The big thing you have to remember about this is that traits are not one-to-one with genes. One gene can affect many different traits and one trait can be affected by many different genes. When you genetically engineer an organism, you run the risk of creating or altering traits you never intended. This can and has lead to problems like feed corn that's toxic to the cattle and pigs it was intended for.

Comment Read about Clever Hans (Score 1) 409

If anyone here doubts that a dog handler can intentionally or unintentionally cause a drug-sniffing dog to falsely alert, they need to look up the case of a horse named "Clever Hans". This was a horse that was able to solve simple arithmetic problems by stamping his hoof the correct number of times. The trick was that the horse never solved any problems. He was watching the questioner to see when he/she was satisfied with the number of hoof-stamps.

Comment Re:Great! Now what about bootloader locking? (Score 1) 100

An absolute requirement for me is a phone with an SD card slot. After I realized my phone has a bootloader lock, I tried to find one with an SD slot AND unlocked bootloader. I couldn't find one. It seems the HTC One M8 and Motorola Atrix 2 seem to fulfil my requirements. Thanks.

Comment Great! Now what about bootloader locking? (Score 2) 100

This is nice, but there's still a problem with carriers locking the bootloader on smartphones. This means one cannot easily or reliably change the OS to something more suitable. I'd like to install CyanogenMod on my phone, but I learned after I got it that my carrier locks the bootloader.

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