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Comment: Re:It's not really a myth anymore (Score 2) 222

by Latinhypercube (#47182979) Attached to: The Sci-Fi Myth of Killer Machines
quote: "drones, controlled almost exclusively by humans, probably not the best example of killer AI"
Erm , yes they are.
Less than 10 years ago the idea of a plane flying autonomously using GPS was unimaginable and there was actually and argument in the Air Force over whether it would EVER happen.
We are now one kill switch away from autonomous death.
The Military Industrial Complex is already trying to sell tanks that can 'recognize' friend from foe.
We are maximum a year away from automated sentry's that can guard territory and auto execute.
The Military does not want regulation on this. That is why there is no debate.
The killer A.I. robots are already here.

Comment: Prophetic ! (Score 1) 107

The Religion War by Scott Adams:

"Global Information Corporation (GIC) (an all-encompassing, worldwide future sort of TIA created out of fear of terrorism) to analyze GIC's massive databases using software. Also, people's phones are, in the name of preventing terrorist communications,"

I'd never heard of a TIA
TIA wikipedia: "TIA was the "biggest surveillance program in the history of the United States".[8] The program was suspended in late 2003 by the United States Congress after media reports criticized the government for attempting to establish "Total Information Awareness" over all citizens.[9][10][11] Although the program was formally suspended, its data mining software was later adopted by other government agencies, with only superficial changes being made. According to a 2012 New York Times article, the legacy of Total Information Awareness is "quietly thriving" at the National Security Agency (NSA).[12]"

Comment: Welcome to the future (Score 1) 405

Welcome to the future that you write so much about Mr. Stross...

BTW. This is something musicians and videographers have had to deal with for over a decade now...

Yes, as the channels of distribution become free and readily accessible from anywhere in the world, YOUR monopoly of publishing houses is no longer necessary. And yes, you might have to get a (better) paying job as well as write books.

Comment: Bravo Microsoft ! Apple iOS is a TOY (Score 1, Funny) 379

Great to see Microsoft coming back, I'm sure Balmer leaving helped immensely. To all the U.S. consumers who don't 'get' why microsoft have made another great computer, go play candy crush on your toy computer. Apple is no longer about computing, they are about consumption and they are aimed at children and housewives. Microsoft is where real work gets done. Where things are actually designed and created, as opposed to bought and played with. The locked prison ecosystem of iOS is a dead end and offers nothing to this economy but a giant bloated Apple sitting on billions of dollars in an offshore bank account (paying no taxes back to the country either). Microsoft built the IT economy. If it had been Apple we would never have had ANY open technologies. I know Microsoft are no angels, but compared to the dead end of Apple and Google they are gods.

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by Latinhypercube (#46838743) Attached to: Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News For Humanity?
So arrogantly put. So who is it that "pays of the government" ?

The source of ALL government corruption is ALWAYS corporate (or military corporate). Period.

"Government is evil" is what the Republicans brainwash the Southern states with to prevent any kind of social progress, to control the masses and increase the wealth divide.

Comment: or we are less intelligent... (Score 1) 292

Or we are growing less intelligent or less curious... More content with our media and day to day malaise. Couple of outstanding areas still worth checking what is Gravity, is there other life in the Universe ?, can we prevent death ?, you know 'small' things like that...

Comment: Ha. Physicists.... (Score 1) 497

by Latinhypercube (#46430827) Attached to: Can Science Ever Be "Settled?"
I was arguing with a Physicist friend of mine who was adamant that most of Physics is known and the rest only knowable via number crunching. The Physicist was adamant that dark matter was real.
When I illustrated that we have no idea what gravity is, the physicist blew up.
Seriously how can we consider our knowledge nearly complete when we cannot understand the mechanics behind gravity ?

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You are missing my point. Even cyanobacteria is incredibly complex. Additionally only something that primitive or more so, could adapt to a new planetary environment. Grass seeds would likely die in space or entering the atmosphere, or require elements that do no exist. Dude, we still don't even fully understand Photosynthesis, something which Cyanobacteria has mastered. And as someone else mentioned in this thread, the ribosome alone is incredibly complex. And please don't compare this to Star Trek trash, it's like comparing your comment to the Bible story of Adam, Eve and Eden (it HAD to have happened on Earth right ? wrong).

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There is no shadow biosphere because life did not start on Earth (or it would have happened multiple times). Tracing the complexity of a cell genome back, it is linear (animals, plants, bacteria etc..) until you get to the simplest cells, which 'suddenly' appeared post heavy bombardment. If you extrapolate that genetic complexity back, it suggests that single cells were around 4 billion years before life started on Earth. Life does not spontaneously appear anywhere. It is very complex and likely happened once billions of years before the Earth and then took billions of years to move from replicating chemicals to viruses to rna etc. It then spread, since that is what self replicating life does.

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