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Comment: Life does not offer enough privacy (Score 1) 227

by LastSaneMan (#26767769) Attached to: Privacy Group Calls Google Latitude a Real 'Danger'

In other news, going outside seriously hampers your privacy. A spokesman from Real Privacy Concerns International. is quoted saying "When I go outside, anyone can easily recognize me, and track my location. Until this serious privacy concern has been addressed, no-one should go outside." He further suggests that a temporary measure would be to force everyone to wear matching long gray coats and ski masks.

Linux Business

+ - Cash Register (POS system)

Submitted by LastSaneMan
LastSaneMan (222217) writes "A mate of mine is starting his own burger joint, and need a way to register his sales and get monthly reports etc. I told him that there's bound to be loads of Open Source apps out there that does what he needs, so he should just get something like an asus eee, and I'd help him set everything up. Turns out there isn't. I did find a topic on "Ask Slashdot" about POS systems from 2006, but there was nothing helpful there. Right now he's just looking into using a spreadsheet to punch everything into, but my feeling is that it won't be good enough in the long run. Anyone got any helpful suggestions?"
User Journal

Journal: Hacking MMO Teaches Programming and Web-Design

Journal by bcoe
A few friends and I have been working for several months now on Hack Wars, an interesting (and exceptionally nerdy) MMO. Found Here: I am not a stranger to developing educational games, having helped conceive of the game 'Speare. Developing the game Hack Wars, however, was a much less bittersweet experience. Granted, Hack Wars is not as explicitly an educational game as 'Speare. This having been said, Hack Wars i

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