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+ - Supercomputer smashes simulation speed record 1

Submitted by Lank
Lank (19922) writes "A team of computer scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have managed to coordinate nearly 2 million cores to achieve a blistering 504 billion events per second, over 40 times faster than the previous record. This result was achieved on Sequoia, a 120-rack IBM Blue Gene/Q normally used to run classified nuclear simulations. Note: I am a co-author of the coming paper to appear in PADS 2013."

Comment: Re:I didn't buy one for the payback (Score 1) 762

by Lank (#33195760) Attached to: Just One Out of 16 Hybrids Pays Back In Gas Savings

When I bought the car in 2005 there weren't a hell of a lot of used hybrids. The Toyota dealer had a waiting list for a Prius and I needed a car ASAP so I went to the Honda dealer. My father sells cars and he always says to buy "used" car because the resale value of the vehicle drops significantly by basically driving it off the lot. Either way, in CA you pretty much need a car, though I did manage to bike to work a few times, it's not something I'd like to do every day - I'm not Lance Armstrong.

Comment: I didn't buy one for the payback (Score 5, Interesting) 762

by Lank (#33194996) Attached to: Just One Out of 16 Hybrids Pays Back In Gas Savings
Look, is it so hard to believe that someone would buy a hybrid to make a statement not to others, but to the car manufacturers making these products? I own a Honda Civic hybrid. It's not much to look at and it certainly doesn't turn heads. On the other hand, I bought it new from a Honda dealer in California when they were trying to push a lot more expensive cars on me. Why? Because I want Honda to know that I'd rather be green than cool or hip or whatever. I want Honda to know that it's important to ME so in the future they'll make cars better-suited to ME.

From one of the linked articles, "Translation: The kinds of people who buy Toyota Prius hybrids in the U.S. may indulge themselves in private, where no one else will see them, but want to be seen in public with less luxurious, greener products to bolster their reputation."

I call bullshit. I didn't do it to bolster my reputation. I put my money where my mouth is and instead of getting on a soapbox and telling everyone to go out and buy a hybrid, I actually bought one.

I don't care that I probably spent more than I'll recoup from the fuel-efficiency. For me, it wasn't about that.

Comment: This is why I'm OK with AT&T (Score 1) 370

by Lank (#32632234) Attached to: Verizon Makes Offering Service Blocks a Fireable Offense

Not that I believe AT&T has no problems, because it absolutely does. But I figure I use my iPhone more for data services than phone calls anyway and that's one of AT&T's strong areas. But at least I'm not giving my money to Verizon no matter how good their coverage is -- they're basically jackasses.


Sugar-Sensitive Tattoos Could Make Life Easier For Diabetics 5

Posted by timothy
from the why-come-you-don't-have-a-tattoo? dept.
mbstone writes "Aside from ending painful daily fingerpricking for millions, the invention of the color-changing blood sugar tattoo should also reduce the vast amount spent on glucose test strips ($1/test). Next, I want to see artistic diabetic tattoos that morph according to the wearer's blood sugar."

Comment: Re:Time Travel (Score 1) 903

by Lank (#29360805) Attached to: Which Breakthrough Is Most Likely?

I most certainly can. Time slows down as your approach the speed of light. This is very well-understood by relativistic effects. Where an hour passes for you, a minute may pass for me depending on how fast I am going relative to the speed of light. So while one day may pass for me, I may effectively jump 100 years into the future. Einstein wasn't kidding when he said all of this stuff.

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