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Comment: Re:smartwatch (Score 4, Informative) 381

by Langalf (#47439845) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?
I agree. I have a Pebble, and with Bluetooth on and about 15-20 notifications a day, I get a solid week on a two hour charge. I use watchfaces that only update once a minute, and I could not be more happy with this device. With the vibration and the notifications on screen, I can deal with 90% of what I receive without ever pulling out my smartphone. The phone is always on mute, and I rarely miss anything important.

Comment: Re:Happy Monday from The Golden Girls! (Score 2) 194

My question is, do these ACs PURPOSEFULLY misquote this song? By now, everyone should know that the last word in the first stanza is "confidant"; enough people have pointed it out. Or, is this just a 'bot with a fixed text file that is never updated?

Comment: Re:rewilding? (Score 1) 214

by Langalf (#46105017) Attached to: What Killed the Great Beasts of North America?

I live near one of those "wolf reintroduction" areas. It is pretty awesome to be hiking and here a wolf pack calling back and forth to each other around you. I for one would love to see wolf reintroduction to all the lower 48 states (I believe one form or another of wolf lived in all of them). In particular, I would LOVE to see a thriving pack within the Washington, DC beltway, picking off random Congresscritters. If ever a herd needed thinning ...

"Who cares if it doesn't do anything? It was made with our new Triple-Iso-Bifurcated-Krypton-Gate-MOS process ..."