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Comment: Radio broadcast texts? (Score 1) 89

by Lanforod (#46145197) Attached to: NPR Labs is Working on Emergency Alerts for the Deaf (Video)
I don't know anyone who even has one of these emergency radios. Being HOH myself, I'd never get one, rarely ever even try to listen to standard FM/AM radio broadcasts, and would never try to listen to an emergency broadcast. Be prepared for weather. Know what is expected before the normal comm channels go down. If something is unexpected, most people aren't going to find out via emergency radios, but by word of mouth.

Comment: Why is a HMD required? (Score 1) 87

by Lanforod (#45741869) Attached to: Virtuix Omni is a Step Toward True Virtual Reality Gaming (Video)
Been reading up on these ODT. Sounds cool. While I understand the benefit of adding an Oculus Rift etc., why is that considered a requirement? I'd rather play a FPS using this in front of several screens going nearly 360 degrees, so that I can do true aiming with a gun controller. Shouldn't the HMD be optional? Better yet, come up with an included holo-display that moves with the player.

Comment: Re:Does it require windows only software? (Score 2) 154

by Lanforod (#45031027) Attached to: SSHDs Debut On the Desktop With Mixed Results
Try reading again. 8 GB of Flash. It's not the same as a 65MB cache on a standard drive, it's more like two drives bundled into one package with the most used files 'cached' on the 8 GB of Flash. I'm not clear yet on if the files are actually cached (meaning there is another copy on the 2 TB HDD part), or if they live normally in the 8 GB Flash part.

Comment: Re:Half-Life 3 guranteed within 1-2 years (Score 1) 150

by Lanforod (#45014745) Attached to: <em>Half-Life 3</em> Trademark Filed In Europe
I was a kid when HL1 came out. In Uni during HL2. Done by the time Ep2 came out. Now married with a kid due in a few weeks. Less of an interest in gaming as well. Main difference is I've had a job since I was 14 in some form or another other than some short breaks in between jobs.

My point? I'll buy HL3 within a week of it coming out. HL2 was just too good to pass up HL3. It may just take me a lot longer to get through the game, which just means to me that it's better value to me personallly for my money.

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