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Comment: Re:Do Not Want (Score 1) 80

by LamerX (#36383038) Attached to: Federal Courts To Begin First Digital Video Pilot

Are you serious? The raw data is the kind of data that the government needs to have on record. The last thing we want is some kind of slanted summary of a case becoming the official record. The whole thing needs to be available so that the public can go back and witness the facts if you disagree with the "summary." Washington has had all it's state Supreme Court cases on trial for years, and nothing of what you're talking about has happened. It's all archived in one place, and endless trial video isn't plastered all over our local news or anything. It helps keep the media in check, because it's all right there for people to go back and see. Sorry if it inconveniences you, and you have another website out on the internet that you don't have to go look at, but it's really for the good of everybody. Don't wanna listen to endless 911 calls? Don't listen to them...

Comment: Want to see the effects? Check Washington State (Score 1) 80

by LamerX (#36382982) Attached to: Federal Courts To Begin First Digital Video Pilot

Washington State has been broadcasting State Supreme Court cases on TV and archiving them all on the web for well over 10 years. The Effect? People go back through court cases and gather up information more quickly and easily than they ever could have before. Our legal system hasn't been burdened, and it helps get the facts of cases out to the people quicker. People anywhere in the world can attend the court cases without having to travel to the courtroom. There haven't been any negative effects of this AT ALL, and it is public record after all.

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