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Comment: Re:I wonder about man hour figures... (Score 3, Insightful) 264

You are WAY over simplifying the mystical licensing systems in Windows. It is one of the most confusing things to manage, and yes I know what I am doing.

Second, I never really understand this training with office products. The best training you can give anyone is to teach them to stop using office products becuase the last thing a company needs is a bunch of random content producers. Get your work into a content management system (and NO that is not Sharepoint), and force workers to only create content as it specifiucally relates to their job, and not via word processors and spreadsheets.

Comment: Re:Their API's are exactly what you would expect (Score 2) 53

by westyvw (#43902507) Attached to: GIS Community Blocks Esri's Geospatial 'Open Standard' REST API

Yes, buggy. Slow, and often WRONG. Analysis using their product is sketchy at best. Better watch your data types, they play fast and loose with conversions in the internal code (INT to FLOAT for example).
Worst part is that they sell you a viewer, then charge to edit, then charge more to analyze. Please, between PostGIS, Sextante, R, Geoserver, and QGIS I really cant see the point of using ESRI at all.

Comment: Re: Lesson learned (Score 2) 53

by westyvw (#43902499) Attached to: GIS Community Blocks Esri's Geospatial 'Open Standard' REST API

Yes, but being a GIS expert means you can use projects, datums, etc. PostGIS has over 700 functions, and the database is more than simple features. Planer systems are not that complicated, you can do it without ESRI. ESRI uses GDAL and PROJ4 in their own systems, yet this is open to you.
The difference is that most GIS folks dont understand that a update to a record is nothing more than just that. The spatial column isnt special, analysis is available through functions, and the output is available via a GUI (Qgis) or a Web presentation (geoserver).
Its a situation where any data person can deal with this information, its not as specialized as ESRI wants you to believe.

Comment: Re:Microsoft Security Essentials... (Score 1) 274

by westyvw (#43482355) Attached to: Botched Security Update Cripples Thousands of Computers

Dont you find it odd that Microsoft has a bolt on product to protect the parent product? Why wouldnt that protection be there already? Of course it is free, it should be free, a computer vendor should take security seriously.

When I have to make a recommendation to someone unfortunante enough to be running Windows wont bother to move to a secure environment, I do reccomend MS Windows essentials or MS End Point. It is the least obnoxious of all the system protection.

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