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Comment: Re:Add This Defeat to the Military History of Fran (Score 3, Interesting) 311

by Lakedemon (#15253471) Attached to: Apple Defeats RIAA and France In Same Day seem to have a quite weird/twisted view of european history...

> French Revolution: Won, primarily due to the fact that the opponent was also French.

I actually found this line funny...but....hey, I'm french ! :D

As a lover of ancient times, I will use this opportunity to greet our nice and friendly italian neighbours (that were a little abused in this topic), whose history I really admire (the roman republic/empire, it's 1000 years of history, it's impact on modern society).

I send greetings to some our other friends in europe : the germans (you rock !, it has been a happy ride togther these past 50 years in the EU) and the citizens of the united kingdoms (well, it hasn't really been as happy a ride together in the know what, we love you all the have your good points too ;))

Mmmmh...looks like we lost a lot of war in the past....mmmhh...

Oh well, whatever...sometimes losing is better than winning :D
Though I have great respect for napoleon's genius (among all the things he did, quite a few of 'em were done right),
I'm actually happy that he lost in the end and that the European countries aren't anymore under a french hegemony (can you imagine the whole europe having to eat smelly cheese, eat frogs and snails ? )

Same thing goes for our ex-colonies... As a french, I'm quite happy to see you independant : It's the way it should be (don't tell the corsicans :D and the bretons). I hope you are thriving/'ll thrive in the future and I am/would be delighted if we cooperate/would cooperate in the future.

"Everyone's head is a cheap movie show." -- Jeff G. Bone