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Comment: Re:Intriguing (Score 1) 299

I'm not a lawyer and I don't speak Norwegian so I can't read the court document to find out exactly what happened.

I am, however, an electronic trading specialist and I've also been a trader at a big American investment bank (one that didn't go bust, by the way, despite my best efforts).


Thanks very much. Rinse, lather, repeat.

I am not an electronic trading specialist, and I've never been a trader at a big American investment bank (but we're equal in that I've not made one go bust, by the way, but I managed it by giving it no effort at all).

I have, however, found a bug in one of your algorithms. Lathering after rinsing doesn't work so well.

Comment: Re:Wing length is a Really Big Deal (Score 1) 459

Thanks for your answer, but I don't understand, why wouldn't two wings provide twice the lift of a single wing (provided they are far enough apart not to interfere etc)?

Clearly if they are not providing twice the lift then they are not far enough apart to not interfere ;)

Comment: Re:No HP??? (Score 1) 463

by LakeSolon (#29500381) Attached to: TI vs Calculator Hackers

I often read short (and sometimes not so short) sentences right-to-left (backwards) if my eyes happen to be to the right as I scan down from above. This is how I read your post, initially.

I didn't notice you'd done anything unusual until I paused to consider why your post was scored +5 Funny.

Comment: Re:Long Tail Wikipedia Link (Score 1) 82

by LakeSolon (#29499537) Attached to: "Long Tail Effect" Doesn't Work As Advertised, Say Wharton Researchers

My feeling about Slashdot is that the submissions (and posts) should be heavy on links to references (such as Wikipedia where appropriate).

And that descriptions of terms can therefore be left out since this isn't print, and we may as well save the space (and mental bandwidth) since we have this handy new hyperlink feature.

Unfortunately far too many submissions are just the leading paragraph of the story copy/pasted, and painfully obviously not meant for this audience. Why these are even accepted (or, god forbid, not rewritten by the editors) is incomprehensible to me.

And slightly more apropos of the article: by random coincidence I've just received, while typing the above, an IM from a not-particularly-technical friend of mine who is telling me she's watching the back-catalog of Lost on Netflix instant-view. The long tail indeed.

Comment: Re:some 1.5 million km from Earth? (Score 1) 196

by LakeSolon (#28583095) Attached to: Planck Telescope Is Coolest Spacecraft Ever

You did a lot of typing in your post. I think perhaps you could have saved a lot of it in your quest to enlightenment if you'd have chosen a text field on a different web page. May I suggest and the phrase "earth sun l2"? The first link even has a very descriptive map.

Comment: Re:second amendment rights (Score 1) 546

by LakeSolon (#27223581) Attached to: Rocket Hobbyists Prevail Over Feds In Court Case

They get a bonus for knowing the land. They get a bonus for not identifying themselves as combatants. They get a bonus for being able to accurately identify their enemies, who are loud and obvious. They get a bonus for being sneaky.

Been playing a bit too much Dawn of War 2 lately have we?

Comment: Re:I Use A Mac... (Score 1) 218

by LakeSolon (#26182605) Attached to: Safari and Chrome: Tied For the Worst Password Manager

Both gnome and KDE have had centralized password management as a standard feature for some time. I don't know whether they predate or postdate the OSX implementation; but they are there.

I'd be willing to wager they 'postdate' Keychain, as it came with "System 8.6" in 1999. And the functionality existed in many functions of the OS in the form of PowerTalk (shared printers, network shares, e-mail, etc) starting in the early 90s before it was split off and made directly available to 3rd Party applications.

Incidentally, Keychain has been Free (as in beer) and Open Source (as in APSL) for 'some time' now. It would be cool to see the various Unix-y distros pick it up too. Though the implementation might be a little crufty, having descended from an in house Apple project from the early 90s.

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