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Comment: Re:Megabitz! (Score 1) 345

by Lafe (#28279953) Attached to: AT&T Dropping Usenet Netnews; Low-Cost Alternatives?
I'm just seconding the recommendation for I'm primarily a non-binary user, and I've found them to have great retention, the servers are fast, and the price is right. I buy blocks of bandwidth at a time instead of subscribing, and it doesn't get any cheaper unless you go "free". I've been a happy customer now for over a year.

+ - Game of Life in JavaScript and the Canvas Tag

Submitted by
snowball writes "0xfe has a good demo of the canvas tag, which is a new HTML tag introduced by Apple in Safari, and now available in most modern browsers (Firefox, Camino, Opera, etc.). The tag allows for easy drawing, rendering, and animation of SVG, right on the web-page, with JavaScript. This blog post introduces the tag, with an awesome embeddable version of the Game of Life. Is this the dawn of a new age of embeddable graphical widgets, without Flash?

As expected, Internet Explorer does not support it."

MS Office Zero-Day Under Attack 172

Posted by Zonk
from the you-know-they've-released-new-software-when dept.
paulBarbs writes "Microsoft is warning users to be on the lookout for suspicious Excel files that arrive unexpectedly — even if they come from a co-worker's e-mail address. In an advisory, Microsoft confirmed a new wave of limited "zero-day" attacks was underway, using a code execution flaw in its Microsoft Office desktop productivity suite. Although .xls files are currently being used to launch the spear phishing attacks, Microsoft said users of other Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, etc.) are potentially at risk."

Real programmers don't write in BASIC. Actually, no programmers write in BASIC after reaching puberty.