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Comment: I have the same problem. (Score 1) 265

by LaTechTech (#48132269) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Can't Google Block Spam In Gmail?
One guy lives in Utah, another goes to Colorado University, another lives in Southern California, and there are a few more. I regularly get emails for these guys regarding classes, vehicles, rental properties, etc. I also get signed up for lots of spam and unwanted porn crud. I did create a label and look through it from time to time to make sure there isn't anything meant for me. I think the best solution is to create a new email address that is somewhat unique and forward the old one to it until the people you want email from know it. Also, I would never get rid of the old address. You never know what online account you barely use that you forgot to change over.

Comment: NO (Score 0) 695

by LaTechTech (#28185625) Attached to: Keeping a PC Personal At School?
Just tell them no. Do you think they will be able to pay for repairs if they can not afford their own? One simple drop and you may not only have a broken laptop, but, unless you have an SSD, you also probably just lost all of your data. Even if they can afford to replace your laptop, they will not be able to replace your hard work.

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