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+ - Codemasters latest to be hit by hackers

Submitted by LRayZor
LRayZor writes: I have just received an email from Codemasters stating that a hacking incident took place on Friday 3rd June.

"On Friday 3rd June, unauthorised entry was gained to our
website. As soon as the intrusion was detected, we immediately took and associated web services offline in order to prevent
any further intrusion.
During the days since the attack we have conducted a thorough
investigation in order to ascertain the extent and scope of the breach
and have regrettably discovered that the intruder was able to gain
access to the following: website

Access to the Codemasters corporate website and sub-domains.

DiRT 3 VIP code redemption page

Access to the DiRT 3 VIP code redemption page.

The Codemasters EStore

We believe the following have been compromised: Customer names and
addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, encrypted passwords and
order history. Please note that no personal payment information was
stored with Codemasters as we use external payment providers, meaning
your payment details were not at risk from this intrusion.

Codemasters CodeM database

Members' names, usernames, screen names, email addresses, date of birth,
encrypted passwords, newsletter preferences, any biographies entered by
users, details of last site activity, IP addresses and Xbox Live
Gamertags are all believed to have been compromised.

Whilst we do not have confirmation that any of this data was actually
downloaded onto an external device, we have to assume that, as access
was gained, all of these details were compromised and/or stolen.

The website will remain offline for the foreseeable
future with all traffic re-directed to the Codemasters
Facebook page instead. A new website will launch later in the year"

Comment: Re:I'm 31 (Score 1) 418

by LRayZor (#34340738) Attached to: Have I Lost My Gaming Mojo?

Truth is, I dropped all of the games that simulate real work. Big surprise, I have a full-time job. It's unfortunately because I really used to like the Master of Orion series, and number three was fantastic.

Ah... what?! I'm sure that must be a mistake. You mean MoM 2 not 3. Three was one of the very worst games I've ever bought. It was diabolically bad.

Comment: Re:How secure (Score 1) 491

by LRayZor (#32873946) Attached to: Bitcoin Releases Version 0.3

The main problem the Eurozone faces is that it didn't stick to it's guns in the first place when introducing new member states. All new countries were supposed to reach a certain financial position in relation to overall spending and income and maintain it. Some countries such as Greece basically said 'Sure Thing Boss', frigged the figures, and then continued to overspend. The Eurozone failed to do sufficient due-diligence when allowing these countries to join. Even some of the original countries such as Italy are flouting the rules.


The Perils of Pointless Innovation In Games 260

Posted by Soulskill
from the why-does-my-rocket-launcher-have-reloading-minigame dept.
Negative Gamer is running a story discussing the need felt by the major game developers to create the next huge blockbuster, which often leads to innovation and change for their own sake rather than simply focusing on what makes a game fun. Quoting: "There seems to be this invisible pressure to create something that is highly 'intuitive' and incorporates the highest level of innovation that we have ever seen. The problem is that the newest ideas put into games are either gimmicky, terrible in execution, or blatantly ripping off another title. On the other hand there are series that feel the need to completely revamp a game that played perfectly fine before into something completely new that falls flat on its face. ... There's a critical problem with popular, mainstream video games that isn't as large with other mediums; they are expensive to make and require a lot of time and effort put in to create something masterful. With that, games must take cautious paths. I fully understand the risks, but adding unneeded material to certain games is not justifiable."

+ - Mathematical Lego (R)

Submitted by
VincenzoRomano writes: "Almost everyone knows about the numerous applications and use for the ubiquitous LEGO(R) toys.
Anrew Lipson has built a web page in his site about Mathematical LEGO(R) Sculptures he made, even if he admits they weren't constructed entirely without computer assistance.
Those sculptures are also documented with photos and Lego Draw and CAD .DAT files.
By the way, I'd suggest you to check whether your children are already building such things out of Lego bricks."

+ - Just discovered - a 5,000 mile wide hurricane

Submitted by
Salvance writes: "NASA just announced that they observed a 5,000 mile hurricane-like storm on the surface of Saturn, the first time such a storm has been observed on another planet. Unlike hurricanes on earth, this massive storm with 350 mph winds did not move or drift from a fixed location, and has allowed scientists to pear farther into the planet's atmosphere than ever before."
Linux Business

+ - Ubuntu: The Imperfect Operating System Alternative

Submitted by
Nathan writes: "Article Url:
Article PIC: jpg

Article Snippet:

"Now I know I'm going to be chastised for saying this, so I might as well get it out in the open: Ubuntu needs to be more user-friendly. Although the operating system has a beautiful interface, and is quite easy to use -even for those who have never tried, or even seen Linux before-it is still really difficult to get things up-and-running when you encounter a small glitch.""

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