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Comment Re:Mars is impossible (Score 1) 310

Step one, for any of this, is to build a "permanent" for real ship.

A Ship that you can point in a direction and go. A Ship with a rotating section for artificial gravity. A Ship with a multi mega watt power source A Ship with several smaller vehicles for going to and from a planet etc.

Shooting people up there in a tin can that will burn up or be turned into a hut just isn't viable. Take the time to do it correctly.

Step zero: find a trillion dollar budget.

Comment Recharging or on load? (Score 1) 63

I have a 14 Ah Li-on whose safety instructions say not to leave it unattended while recharging. That can take up to 16 hrs. What am I supposed to do? Sit in and watch it all day? So I bought an army surplus ammo box to charge it in which I hope would contain any chemical fire. Most of the safety instructions I found on line referred only to the fire risk while recharging, not overheating when on load.

Comment Re:Carbon free power (Score 2) 98

According to EDF, the carbon footprint of a nuclear power station – the average level of greenhouse gas emissions it is responsible for over its lifetime, from construction to decommissioning – is about 16 grams of carbon dioxide-equivalent for each kilowatt-hour of electricity it generates (gCO2e/kWh).

Comment Dungeness shingle spit (Score 1) 302

The two Dungeness nuclear power stations (Kent, England) are built on the tip of a huge shingle spit. They employ trucks to move shingle from one end of the spit to the other to try and keep it in place like some labour of Sisyphus. That plan was deemed ok before anybody knew about projected sea level rises. Instead of abandoning the site, the owners are optimistic about getting permission to build a third station.

Comment Re:Five years... (Score 2) 147

Five years and it's still junk. Barely compares to MS Office 2000.

It's ok. It's not wonderful but it's not junk. It does the job for free on *nix and Windows. Go buy MS Office if you want.

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