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Comment Re:Five years... (Score 2) 147

Five years and it's still junk. Barely compares to MS Office 2000.

It's ok. It's not wonderful but it's not junk. It does the job for free on *nix and Windows. Go buy MS Office if you want.

Comment Re:Science and Christianity are NOT compatible (Score 2) 260

Wrong. This is the stance of the Roman Catholic Church, which is larger than any other Christian denomination by an order of magnitude. The principle that all truth comes from the Bible and that it is *literally* true is known as the sola scriptura heresy, and is limited to a handful of Protestant branches.

The truth here is the reverse of what you believe.

You forgot the politics of the Reformation. Sola scriptura is a Protestant idea that the lay person can access the word of God in the vernacular bible. The Catholics call this a heresy because truth is what Rome says it is, not what silly lay people want to believe. On the other hand, Bible literalism allows you to be fundamentalist when laying down the law. It's always about power.

But that's going way off the point. Yes, some Christians can be good scientists, much as it grieves me to admit it.

Submission + - Scrap cash altogether, says Bank of England's chief economist (

LQ writes: If interest rates go negative people will hoard cash rather than have to pay to keep it the banks. One proposal is government Bitcoin style currency. Another is to abolish cash altogether. The Bank of England's chief economist says "perhaps central bank money is ripe for its own great technological leap forward."

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 2) 413

Direct google search yields: USA energy consumption per capita = 6,793.96 kg of oil equivalent (2012) China energy consumption per capita = 2,029.36 kg of oil equivalent (2011)

Note that Europe is in the 3-4k range while Canada is above 7k.

Except that a lot of that energy consumed by China is in the manufacture of the world's cheap goods. By importing from China, the rest of the world is exporting its carbon emissions.

Comment Re:Lies (Score 1) 265

You haven't heard of the creation concept called "apparent age" have you? Yea, I know you people get off on bashing the creationist ideology, but it's not all ignorance and folly. There are actually some pretty intelligent folk who think about these questions and have come up with reasonable answers for most of them, plus they have some answers for questions you are not asking because you haven't spent the time to think about stuff much.

So step down off the high horse and try and engage, without bashing and name calling... You will likely get further with people if you don't offend them right off the bat.

These are people blinded by their religious ignorance who first adopt a position and then attempt to justify it. Why would anyone want to "get further" with people who put faith before science?

Comment Re:Simple ... (Score 1) 345

I have a friend who is retired and he makes stuff in his shop. Instead of buying hinges, he makes them himself out of raw metal stock. He enjoys the challenge.

If he was coding instead of making stuff from wood and metal, he would be using C++.

Except the STL provides a lot of those widgets off the shelf.

Comment Re:Java, [...] most bug-filled, hackable software (Score 1) 106

A light-weight article, typified by this:

Java, one of the most bug-filled, hackable software products the world

Indeed criticism should be leveled at Java for trying to retain one of it's original design intents of being a web safe sandbox while at the same time trying to be a golden hammer in pretty much every other problem/solution domains, server backend, rich client, embedded device etc meaning the platform got so huge and unwieldly it was too difficult to keep it secure if nothing because of it's sheer weight. But to call it the most hackable software products is just stupid and ignorant. Does the author understand the basic concept of memory management exploits? Buffer overruns exploits are virtually non-existant in Java, caused only by rare defects in the JVM itself.

There are gazillions of lines of Java in the enterprise space safely immune to drive-by hackers. OK, applets were over optimisitic and turned out to be a bad idea in practice. But I get bored with defending Java in other spaces. It does a great job for business in the server and on the desktop.

Comment TPP - no thanks. (Score 3, Insightful) 236

Their last recommendation - Complete trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that ban digital protectionism and pressure nations that seek to erect protectionist barriers to abandon those efforts - is a reminder why Europeans do not want the TPP enacted. There's a big difference between protectionism and now wanting to hand all you private data over to the NSA. The TPP basically enforces lower US standards of business on Europe where there's more red tape to protect small companies and consumers.

Comment Re:How does one tell the difference? (Score 4, Insightful) 103

I decided to log in for this one.

OP asked a question. You obviously do not know the answer because you just made a stupid, insulting reply. Perhaps if you don't know the answer, don't reply. I don't know the answer either, but would be interested in knowing the answer as well and would have asked the question had the AC not already asked. But instead of an answer you just shit all over it and are apparently offended that it got asked. Get over yourself and realize that some people aren't afraid to ask questions when they are ignorant... you might want to try it.

Goodness knows why I feel the need to defend myself here but when a question is asked with the word "fucking" in it, I assume it was not asked in a genuine spirit of enquiry and I answered in sarcastically. Mood is sometimes hard to discern on the net so maybe we are both guilty of misreading it. One of the comments above makes a very good attempt at a more serious answer.

Comment Re:How does one tell the difference? (Score 5, Funny) 103

How does one tell the difference between a chunk of rock and a 3.3 million year old tool? Because they both look fucking indistinguishable to me: they're both just chunks of rock.

Clearly those anthropologists are totally misguided and would be most grateful for your help on this matter.

Comment Re:The inevitability of gradualism (Score 1) 866

Unfortunately it (sports) does little to soften the scary fact that some day each of us will die. Or that a loved one will die. Or when the circumstances of our life are especially shitty. It's really not an effective substitute for religion in any of those scenarios.

But it does function as another opium of the people. - something to absorb and distract from existential angst.

There is very little future in being right when your boss is wrong.