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Comment Re:ADVERTISING (Score 1) 198

They want to control your network. They want to inject advertising into everything you do. They want you to have no choice but to use DNS servers they control.

That was just about my first thought too: "what are the odds this will have/allow something like Privoxy to do ad-filtering?" To be fair, I haven't bothered installing that on my own firewall just yet (relying on ABP and Ghostery for now), but it's on the to-do list - and having seen recent upturns in ad-blocking usage lately, I'm absolutely certain Google will have noticed that upturn too, and strongly suspect it's a factor in any move like this. (It's also interesting to note that Apple have just added support for ad-blocking in Safari without jailbreaking to iOS 9 - probably not something welcomed in Mountain View!)

Comment Re:As much as conveniently fits (Score 1) 350

I went with 32GB because that's what was in the junk drawer at work. Nice little i7 HP 800 SFF office desk top box, Put in a 480GB SSD and found a great deal on a 5TB drive.

To cap it off, installed ESXi 6.0 and have a hella nice little home lab, domain controler, FreeBSDs, file server, pfSense, FreePBX, OwnCloud, and my IBM Domino & Sametime server (that's another show.)

This desktop is also an HP with 32MB RAM & 480 SSD and two Quatro 600 graphic cards (one for each monitor.) It suits my humble needs.

The company got bought and the new parent is a Dell house so we have to "upgrade" to become standard. I can't wait until next year when all the HP Z820s Xeon workstations become available.

Comment Telecoms, ISPs and the hash list (Score 1) 177

Worked at AT&T and T-Mobile and they ran the hash list along with a virus scan on emails, mms messages and photo albums. I'm sure other image hosting services run the same checks. If any photo popped, you had to notify this third party company who acted with the cops. If a cop had a warrant, you would call the telcom to have an engineer to drop a dvd in the admin server, run a collect script that zips everything up, and then have the police department show up and pick up the dvd outta the dvd-rom drive. Nobody is allowed to touch the DVD. Maintains the chain of custody.

Comment Re:Digital temperature controls! (Score 1) 58

The future temperature controls?

I stayed in one of these hotels for a computer security conference last year - and the temperature didn't drop below 27C (80F) even at 6am, making for a lousy two nights given the high humidity. No a/c, only heating, and the window only opened two inches ('for security', the label helpfully explained: being five floors up, presumably this means they're worried about Spiderman incursions.)

So, does "the future" actually include either decent a/c, or at least a window you can open properly to get some air movement? I really don't care about fancy interactive video walls - I want a comfortable night's sleep, otherwise I'll just be using that fancy custom app's "Cancel reservation" button and going somewhere else.

Comment Me neither (Score 2) 134

You won't find mine either. I've been on the net since before www, but you won't find a picture of me. Go ahead, please, try. You have my email address and from that you can get my last name and address. First person to send me a link to an image of my face I'll send you a bottle of nice Irish or an old Motorola HT, your choice.

Comment SwiftKey? (Score 4, Interesting) 126

What about the disastrous SwiftKey vulnerability? It makes Samsung Android systems vulnerable too. Samsung said they'd fix it back in June, but we still have no patch.

When buying an Android phone: Measure how many days it takes from the vulnerability report (at least publicly) until it's patched in phones already used by customers. Focus on phones more than 2 years old, since your phone will be that age someday. Then: Don't buy from unresponsive makers. I suspect that if a few buying guides included those numbers, some manufacturers and service providers would start paying attention.

Comment Behavioral Retargeting (Score 1) 121

Anyone who uses facebook will notice how it picks and chooses what to show you. Even if you jump through their overly complicated grouping methods, it will only limit what to show you. The only way to get a good stream is to view each person/group independently, which is over kill. You cant add secret groups to lists, so you have to view each secret group directly. RSS feeds no longer work, and stories are limited to 20 at a time.

They even scan for posts that relate to what you post, including categories and tag them. You post lots of political, food, cats, notice how the the feeds show you "likewise" posts from people. Think about that, your posts are tagged by its content.

This is a scary trend, they choose what you can see on the largest "social site". Its not social when facebook picks and chooses for you.

Facebook has already been banning content they seem offensive for political reasons. Lets not kid ourselves, the hate for anything non-progressive, left leaning gets a hammer on facebook. If enough people brigade vote on someone as offensive, it gets removed quicker than left leaning views. The stories of right wing groups getting their pages removed, or anti-feminist groups being removed is happening way to often. I've seen 2 people i follow had their page removed due to an inflammatory comment made against some popular social movements. While the censorship is really all over a sliding scale on what is acceptable, the side of safety is only for leftist views.

So, we have automated processes on what you content is shown, broken content reader, administrators removing content due to personal values, governments adding blacklists, facebook remove functionality and apis, and you being used as a lab animal in their testing.

Facebook is indeed a deal with the devil for its thought controlled social networking experience.

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 4, Insightful) 413

Some things simply cannot be solved by laissez faire capitalism. In fact it creates many problems, which is obvious to anyone willing to open their eyes for two seconds. That does not mean that the solution is the opposite, a totally planned central economy, but a sensible mix of the two. The knee-jerk reactionary repugnance to anything with even the mildest whiff of small-s 'socialism' is seriously damaging. It damages the health and happiness of every person, and now it is seriously damaging the planet. Nothing is black or white, perhaps a little subtlety should be given its chance. People have been sold the right-wing view for so long now they've forgotten what the middle ground even is. Centre-right policies are seen as far left, which is ridiculous.

It's not a mild whiff of "socialism". It's a massive restructuring of our society and economy on shaky grounds. What happens when the next imaginary ecothreat comes through? If we continue to use the same decision-making process as we're doing here, then it's going to be a long stream of poor decisions and a descent either into regional dissolution or even a new dark age, if the whole world should buy in for the duration.

Imaginary threats don't harm us. Real threats do. We're facing the real threat of global warming. Instead of taking an honest look at the science and possible solutions, you look the potential bill and say any solution is impossible. Nevermind if the bill would include the price to get the world off fossil fuels and eliminate our gas payments forever. Nevermind if the bill would remove the motivation behind wars for oil and the trillions we've spent for those. Nevermind if the bill would clean up our air and eliminate smog and cut our medical payments for lung conditions. So, we live with your shortsightedness in a worse world where we constantly pay for gas with our money and lives.

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 1) 413

I think capitalism could solve it, it's just that by the time AGW began kicking the living shit out of the economy and causing widespread ecological damage, much of it would be irreversible.

But guys like the Koch's want it that way. They'll walk away with vast amounts of money and insulate themselves from the woes being suffered by everyone else.

Hell, the Kochs don't need to spend any money to insulate themselves. At their age, they'll be dead before the worst negative effects are felt.

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