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Comment BFQ is AWESOME... (Score 5, Informative) 65

Been running PF-Kernel for a few years, which has a bunch of patches, including BFQ, ck patch set with BFS, Tux in ice, UKSM, and grayskys gcc kernel patch. I normally just use the PF Github repo

Love it. With BFQ, you no longer get system pauses on your desktop. I can listen to music or play a video, run a few vms, while a compiler runs in the background, and x-windows doesn't pause, typing doesn't pause, its how a system should act. Your system seems more fluid with no pausing.

PF-Kernel seems to be for Arch/Gentoo/Rpm based, but I've used it on Ubuntu systems. Pf-Kernel isn't the only one, there are other kernels out there that include more performance patches, Xanmod and Liquorix

Comment Answering Hello (Score 1) 242

I do this on my voice mail, since robo calls will hang up. Just answer "Hello, Hi" wait 3-4 seconds, repeat, Takes about 5-6 seconds for the robocall to transfer to a human when it thinks its not voicemail. Really pisses them off when they transfer and they hear "Yup, its really not hear, you got the machine"

I suspect they dont get paid for voicemails, so they get really really mad. I've heard some swearing and cussing, love it.


Comment Re: Timothy's Revenge (Score 2) 227

Yeah Bill, some advice from someone that waited until Thursday to sign up for an account unlike those of us that saw the future and signed up on Tuesday back 18 years ago!

I agree totally with what you say, but, like me, you are still in the comments here. We are both sad bastards. Can I buy you a drink sometime?

Comment Re: You must be new here (Score 1) 1825

I'd like to see a "newbie" flag. Rather than give newbies a -1 they can lose by positive moderation, just a flag that expires on the 3 month/6 month/1 year anniversary (exact interval to be debated). Then I can browse at +1/newbies +3. I can always add extra bias towards a newbie whose comments I like. It might aid sock puppet ID as well.

It's also not just a penalty. A visual indication that someone is new might cause responses to be more gentle/forgiving. (I must be new here. Maybe I'm just an optimist)

I'd also like a "welcome back" flag for comments more than 6 months since the last time (or maybe a smarter algorithm that determines a hiatus based on previous activity). A little more personal, but also a point of information which can act as useful guidance to the reader.

Comment Re:therefore the roads should be redesigned (Score 1) 565

Many people say that the problem is the speed limit. It may be better to look at this from the other side: If, for proper safety of the neighborhood, the cars should only be going 25 mph, then the roads should be redesigned such that cars can only go 25 mph.

This can be done several ways:
- speed bumps
- adding islands to intersections that must be driven around
- extending curbs into the street to make straight streets curvy
- blocking off some streets (or making some parts one-way)
- etc.

Comment Story quality! (Score 2) 1825

I think a key part is simple: good story quality. Key steps:

  1. Eliminate duplicates. The submission system should quickly warn of potentially duplicate URLs or subject words.
  2. Quick review. Find a way to have a quick review of the story summary before posting. You don't want to slow down the flow too much, but it'd be good to have someone check for missing "not"s, URLs that don't work, and so on. I would assume you already have a spelling and grammar checker, but it's not clear it's always working. That sort of basic for a few sentences really shouldn't take that long.
  3. Try to find good topics. That one in some sense is the hardest.

The discussions are sometimes interesting - and sometimes not. But I think if the stories start higher-quality, the follow-up discussion is more likely to be better.

In the longer term, the system for entering text is... quirky. Has someone considered using Markdown? Yeah, Markdown processors vary, but lots of people know Markdown (e.g., via GitHub), and specs like CommonMark and libraries like Red Carpet make it fairly painless.

Good luck!

Comment POE + USB Lipo adapter (Score 2) 81

It seems like you just need to combine your POE adapter with a USB "lipo" adapter.
The latter are meant to attach to a lipo battery (7.4V - 22.2V) and provide 5V for USB charging.
(Of course, you can use any DC power source as input, not just lipo batteries.)
You can search Ebay for "usb lipo mobile charger" to find them, starting at $5 for basic ones.

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