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Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 0) 549 549

The editors ignored the pro-gamergate news, pro male news, but kept the healthy does of anti-gamergate news like the Wu around. Lets have more articles on harassment of women, how women have it tough in Amazon, how women are being ostracized in tech!

With a readership of mostly males interested in tech, they really did push a feminist liberal agenda over tech news. And look what it got them, most of the users left, the quality of news went down, and click bait appeared.

Comment Lets see (Score -1, Troll) 549 549

Killed off freshmeat, turned sourceforge into bigger pile of crap, slashdot is become a SJW haven for articles against men and hides articles for its corporate masters.

Did we hire gawker staff to run this place into the ground? I'd say get back to roots, and support your audience, but alas, appears to be a tad too late.

Shame, I remember when /. was at the heart of tech news, remember CPU magazine? So sad.

Comment There are LOTS of projects with these problems (Score 2) 118 118

"How would an experienced developer get these problems in the first place?"

A lot of projects do not follow widely-accepted best practices... even if they are experienced... and that is a problem!

A remarkable number of OSS projects fail to have a public source control system (#2). That includes many established projects that everyone depends on. Actually, a number of OSS projects - and projects that people THINK are OSS but are not (because they have no license) - fail many of these points. It's not that Red Hat's internal processes are immature; Tom was trying to bring in software from someone else (Google in this case) and was fed up by the poor practices from people who should know better.

Yes, #7 refers to a best practice (let people pick their install directory) that's been around for at least 20 years and probably much longer, but it's still widely NOT followed.

Anyway, that's Tom's point; there are a lot of widely-accepted best practices that are NOT followed, and that needs to change.

Comment Re:wrong answer (Score 3, Insightful) 551 551

That was expected, "if you are not for us, you are against us" would be her answer.

She was unknown to me before gamergate, and now the only thing I ever see from her is hate speech against men. Her toxic views of male gamers appear on video game sites as fact. Her views of video game design as being misogynistic is being promoted as fact.

Her video games reviews are only about sexism, leaving off what games are really about, gameplay, interaction, puzzles, design, ingenuity.

Shes a one sided hate parrot, and I really cant condone her viewpoints or actions. The professional victim act gets old.

Comment Re:Right in front of your face (Score 1) 617 617

EBCDIC did have one way it was superior to ASCII:

It correctly collated digits after letters.

However, it then sorted before ABC...XYZ—and put special characters like {} into the middle of the letters between I and J and R and S.

So, in other words, not superior at all. :)

Comment Does indeed happen. (Score 5, Insightful) 634 634

Getting into my late 40's, I find my friends are experiencing this all over. EMC keeps contacting a buddy who is a storage architect, he designed storage hardware at sun, they never make an offer after multiple interviews, he says its because hes almost 60. Facebook keeps calling a few of my buddies, but they too never get hired and are in their 50's. I was turned down by 2 companies when they learned my age and I had a family. But I dont want to work in a sweat shop anymore, so its good to know exactly how bad some places can be. Amazon so far seems to be hiring everyone, because they burn them out quicker than they can hire.

Yeah, people are working until retirement age now, so this is a problem. (You know, that reset button that wipes out your entire life savings called divorce)

Comment Re:The root of the problem. (Score 1) 398 398

My other niece works for . My former roommate is now a software engineering intern in Mountain View.

Women can do it. The question is why are male hiring managers and execs so afraid of hiring them?

There's no reason to be afraid. They don't bite.

What world are you living in? Women working in technology are so rare that tech companies bend over backwards to find and hire qualified women. In fact, given the choice of an equally qualified man or woman, tech companies will damn near always choose the woman.

Of course women can do the work. The argument is that they generally don't want to do the work. There's about a million other jobs that women find more interesting. Hence, discussions like this talking about the lack of women in technology.

Comment Re:The root of the problem. (Score 1) 398 398

What's this got to do with women's interest in STEM?

Pay attention. Women aren't interested in engineering work in modern, egalitarian societies. They'd rather take other options such as teaching or nursing or other professions where they can help care for kids, adults, animals, plants, the environment, etc. When women have options, they move away from topics like engineering which they generally find boring. You see that in multiple cultures across the world. In fact, it's such a universal preference that researchers attribute the cause at least partially due to a biological difference between the sexes.

To get women to accept jobs in engineering, you'd need to take away their other options. You need to make society less equal. That's why we see so many female engineers from places like India. Women from countries like that don't have the same options as women in the US. They study engineering because they don't feel they have any other viable options.

Comment Re:The root of the problem. (Score 3, Informative) 398 398

The root of the problem isn't what you seem to think it is. The root of the problem is that guys like you continue to push bullshit like

Women like to help. They'll help people, animals, forests, the environment, etc. But in general, they're not interested in working with machines.

Women, it was once believed, didn't have the constitution to be doctors. Women, it was once held true, didn't possess the analytical minds required for a career in the law. Women could do without your sexist arse telling them what they are and aren't, and what they can and can't do.

Gender studies promotes the idea that men and women are exactly the same except for our genitalia. This assertion or hypothesis hasn't been shown true by actual science conducted by biologists. In fact, studies by actual biologists show the opposite. The brain controls hormone levels. The amount of testosterone in the bloodstream effects whether a child is interested in traditionally male-oriented or female-oriented toys. This is has been shown true for children as young as one day old. That's before a child has any chance of getting corrupted by societal influences.

Further, studies across 53 societies show that as cultures grow more egalitarian and allow men and women to do whatever job they like, we actually see more men doing traditionally male jobs and more women doing traditionally female jobs. It's only in less equal societies where men and women face unequal choices of work where we see men and women doing largely the same kinds of work. Were the differences in preference of job only a difference in culture, then we should also see different results in different cultures. That isn't the case. When given the choice, men almost always prefer traditionally male jobs and women traditionally female jobs. That suggests a biological difference between the preferences of men and women for the kind of work they prefer to do.

Here's a good video on these facts. Although, whoever posted the video to Youtube definitely should have chosen a better title. I suggest watching the whole thing.

Comment Re:Poorly described (Score 2) 120 120

Agreed. it's been around a long time.

Note that the sending array is huge. 1 sq km in the linked article. That means that the energy density of the beam is low, so you don't cook passing birds, but more importantly, don't waste energy heating up the water vapour in the air either. The receiving antenna also needs to be big. The bigger the better, so you can keep the efficient coupling over a long distance. In this case, long enough to get it to orbit.

The interesting thing about this idea is getting the high specific impulse, so you can single stage to orbit.

The coupled microwave idea has been mooted before for a couple of things.

1. Beam solar power back down to earth (1 km array in space, 10 km x 10 km array on earth. Quite efficient.)

2. Ion drive. With a 10km x 10km or even 100km x 100km and 1x1km or 10 x 10km you can power an ion drive over huge distances, enough to send something to nearby stars. With no power source on board, the rocket gets to be extremely efficient. There is of course the inconvenience of the earth both rotating and orbiting, so you really want the transmitter in space.

This latest idea looks quite interesting.

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