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Comment: Re:What I'd like to see (Score 1) 324

Maybe call the timelines with names appropriate for them, or at least non-racist terms. I'd hate for them to settle on something as stupid as "Star Trek White" and "Star Trek Black".

Wait, are you asking for a grim and gritty reboot of "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"?

Comment: Transcribed voicemail (Score 1) 233

by BrookHarty (#48662867) Attached to: The Slow Death of Voice Mail

Both my google voice mail and tmo voice mail transcribes into text, and I can delete or hear it with only press. Go ahead and leave me a voice mail! Only problem is most carriers charge for "visual voicemail" services... That should be the thing to attract people, after using transcribed voice mail services, you never ever ever want to go back.

I can read my voicemail in meeting, its great.

If I was a phone system vendor id be adding transcription, make those IP phones display the voicemail, etc.
Even asterisk and freepbx can do transcription.

Comment: Case sensitivity is a good idea (Score 1) 148

by dwheeler (#48660373) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

Case sensitivity is a good idea. The problem is that trying to do "case insensitive" matching depends on the locale. If you send your files to someone else, whether or not they are the "same" depends on your locale if you're serious. For Turkish users, 'i' and dotted 'I' are the same if you're considering them as case-sensitive; for many other languages and users, the dots create DIFFERENT characters. And if you're trying to make this "easy" it doesn't go far enough; Latin "a" usually looks the same as Cyrillic "". So please don't say "users can't tell the difference" - they ALREADY can't tell the difference visually, and naive solutions do not begin to address it. At least you can visually see the difference betweeen "Picture" and "picture", and in any case, users typically just click on the item and move on.

I think it would be a GOOD idea to require that Unix-like filenames be legal UTF-8 sequences (since you then know how to display them), and then reject filenames that are not UTF-8. But that's much less intrusive than filename mangling.

That said, it's too late to fix Windows, so if you're going to run on Windows you have to deal with the problem as it is.

Comment: Re:Lest we forget (Score 1) 225

by gmhowell (#48659093) Attached to: GCHQ Warns It Is Losing Track of Serious Criminals

there never were natives in England.

Everyone who can trace their ancestry back far enough will find Eastern European roots.

(I only have to go back to 1822 and I'm looking at Polack, French, Spanish, German, Greek, black West African and Scandinavian).

Don't be a shithead. Go back far enough, and only Africa has 'natives'.

Comment: She won (Score 1) 4

by gmhowell (#48635265) Attached to: Looks like we're getting closer to the truth

She won. She will now sport a lucrative career as a public... whatever. The narrative has been formed. Political Correctness has no room for objective truth. Just like the crumbling of lies surrounding the Rolling Stone/UVA 'rape', we shouldn't be looking at facts and events. Brianna's feels are more important.

Once again, the most dangerous group to women is formed of other women.

Money will say more in one moment than the most eloquent lover can in years.