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Comment Re:Facebook is G+'s best advertising (Score 1) 51

An honest question - what is different about G+'s interface or paradigm (compared to Facebook) that gets people to post content that makes you like them more? I'm intrigued, but my first thought is that people can be asshats on both platforms, overposting about their bowel problems or their political views (sometimes difficult to distinguish which is which). If there's something fundamentally different about G+, what am I missing? (Or is it just that the cool people have migrated already...)

Comment Re:wikipedia is self-correcting and good at it (Score 1) 186

A different spin: instead of "more than half [of 30 cleverly-chosen minor falsehoods] survived for more than two months" how about saying, "After only two months, nearly half [of 30 falsehoods written specifically to be minor and fiendishly difficult to spot] had already been reversed."

I would say that is pretty darn good, considering the millions of articles there. It's certainly a step up from the misinformation allowed to stand as truth on biased "news" sites and kajillions of unedited blogs. Obviously no serious researcher or problem-solver would accept Wikipedia info blindly, but for finding out 98% of what you'll need to know about any conceivable topic, it can't be beat.

Comment Re:The real missed question (Score 1) 477

Let's also not forget... plenty of jobs are not office jobs, and no matter how much we automate, there will still be millions of those, far into the future. You wouldn't want to operate a big CNC machine remotely, you can't landscape somebody's yard unless you're there, you've got to be on site to move limbs if you're a physical therapist... the list goes on. Some people will need to be commuting, somehow, every day.

Comment Re: Solar power terminology (Score 1) 516

My bill for October (no heat, no AC usage) was for 987 kWh

That really is out of line. For a month and situation such as you describe, it's hard to imagine it being much more than 500 kWh. It might be worth the $25 to get a Kill A Watt device (or similar) and test out your major appliances for a few days. Your fridge might have a bad motor or an out-of-control ice maker. Your A/C (or heat) might be set to something crazy when you're off at work. Sound systems, gaming systems, and cell signal repeaters can all suck up amazing amounts of power if left on 24/7. If you live anywhere semi-urban, it's worth checking outside to make sure you don't have a neighbor helping themselves. And then of course, like you said, check the closets for pot farms!

Comment Re:ask your advisor (Score 1) 479

Right. I suggest presenting at a conference, something peripherally related to the Ph.D. Or, if they won't let you present, just sign up for it, attend under your own name "Joe Blow Consulting". Print up business cards with your contact info and spend every break talking to new people and handing out cards. For $1500 or so and a couple of days of time, you'll find out who's hiring for what. If the field is small enough, you might even know them already, no matter how esoteric!

Comment Re:Jordan wasn't all that bad... (Score 1) 146

No kidding. He might not have been the Michael Jordan of baseball, but even the worst AA players are far better than 99% of all players out there at any level. Statistical odds are, if you grew up in the USA, the all-time best player from your high school team was not even good enough to play single-A ball. Making AAA or the Majors requires that same level of skill and dedication, plus near-superhuman genetic blessings allowing you to avoid major injuries and recover from minor ones before you get cut. Jordan got closer than most of us can dream about.

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