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Comment Foot in the door (Score 2) 264

For example, they direct their representatives to tell customers that areas without a data cap actually have a 250GB cap, but it just isn't being enforced.

Well of course. It's called getting your foot in the door. They roll out a "cap" that isn't enforced, and simply start enforcing it little by little in different locations. Why are you complaining when it was there all along? /s

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 294

Exactly. There is a marked difference between broadcasting Chinese propaganda because that's your choice, and broadcasting Chinese propaganda because you're acting as an agent of the Chinese state. I don't think the government should be stopping this, but I also don't think it's unreasonable to interpret it that way.

Comment Re:Babylon 5 (Score 1) 363

Do you really think we should start measuring stories by how long they're produced or how much material is produced?

I mean, I wouldn't say I would agree with the assertion that the stories of those shows are inherently better, but I don't think the fact that Star Wars is getting another movie suddenly makes it better than other stories. By that standard, you could claim any work is better as long as it continues to be made, no matter how poor the quality is.

Comment Re:So: nine hours from Brussels to Sydney (Score 1) 221

I have heard that small private charters are not a bad deal if you can fill the plane, but solo fliers of the target type are going to just fly first class.

Indeed. People seem to have an image in their heads of rich people always flying private, but the reality is that that private makes less and less sense the greater the distance being traveled (at least without stopping), where the aircraft required are considerably more costly to own and operate. There's a reason why Emirates and other carriers do offer such options, and why some American carriers offer first class on New York to LAX flights.

Comment Re:Destructive scanning (Score 1) 87

Suppose you are taken into a hospital room with no windows, anesthetized, destructively scanned, reconstructed, & then woken up later. How is that different (from your perspective, not the medical team's) from just being anesthetized & then waking up later? How do you expect your experience to differ in the 2 cases

In the latter case, I will experience waking up. In the first case, I will not experience waking up, because the consciousness will not have been truly continuous. My perspective will have ceased, and an identical copy of that consciousness will be created that will wake up. Even if the result was essentially exactly the same to the outside observer, it would not be to me.

You cannot experience not existing.

That one cannot experience not existing does not mean that one cannot not exist.

Comment Re:roflmao (Score 1) 43

SteamOS is based on Linux and their new hardware will support at least Ubuntu from the start. Even non-Valve games franchises such as Borderlands are starting to support Linux.

Regardless of whether or not we'll ever see the Linux desktop take off, there can be little doubt that native gaming on Linux has made more progress in the last couple of years than in the entire history of the OS. Even if Linux remains niche on the desktop, that doesn't mean that it can't be a successful platform for gaming.

Comment Re:The obvious answer to this (Score 1) 114

That was my first thought as well, though I suspect Twitter might come after them if they do.

But really, Twitter should have come up with some better reasoning, even if it would be "we have to apply the same rules for everybody." This just makes it sound like they support revisionism in politics.

Comment Re:This is good news for Bitcoin (Score 1) 286

I might think twice about $10,000 to keep this quiet, but I'd probably be fine with "Yeah, here's a dollar, don't e-mail my wife."

In the example here they're asking for 1 bitcoin, which is currently valued at $225.65 USD according to Google. That's a lot more than just a dollar, even if it is a lot less than $10,000.

Comment Re:Can they skip city wifi? (Score 1) 138

For average U.S. person wifi feels better because you get local service (Starbucks) that serves limited number of customers well.

And for the average US person, wifi feels better because they don't have to pay a ridiculous amount per gigabyte if they go over the limit of their data plan because they've watched too many videos.

Maybe the use cases would be different in Cuba, or their government would ensure that such caps wouldn't be an issue. But otherwise, wifi does have significant advantages such that wifi and 4G complement each other.

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