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Comment: Possible factor (Score 5, Interesting) 752

by Kyogreex (#47476229) Attached to: Malaysian Passenger Plane Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine
Firstly, I'd like to note that I'm not placing blame with any particular party or saying that this was definitely an incident where the plane was shot down. With that said, the plane was in the older Malysia Airlines livery, which has the bottom of the fuselage and engine nacelles painted grey. Perhaps this could contribute to it being mistaken for a military transport by inexperienced or trigger-happy forces, as it would be a similar color to that used on those transports. I hope the truth of this incident can be found without politics getting in the way on every side. The crew and passengers deserve it.

Comment: Re:And yet they supported Obama (Score 1) 564

by Kyogreex (#46678153) Attached to: Was Eich a Threat To Mozilla's $1B Google "Trust Fund"?

But because you have castigated and caused to be fired ("resigned", my ass) someone because they dared to express themselves via the previously accepted political process by which people in a democratic society decide controversial issues like this.

Which is democratic process as well. People have every right to participate in the democratic process, just as they have the right to free speech. What they don't have is freedom from the consequences of those actions or that speech. If people, corporations, and organizations refuse to associate with you because of that, that's also democracy at work.

Comment: Re:I don't care (so much) as long as (fillinfodder (Score 1) 319

by Kyogreex (#45508753) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You Protect Your Privacy These Days? Or Do You?
That isn't teaching them anything, because they already would accept them by definition. Also, there's probably much more benefit from being given a flash drive with TOR than being taught not to accept flash drives for multiple reasons (the latter doesn't happen too often, flash drive with program seems much more appealing than a lecture, etc).

Comment: Re:Damned if you do, damned if you don't. (Score 1) 344

by Kyogreex (#43277655) Attached to: The ATF Not Concerned About 3D Printed Guns... Yet
3. The ATF is a bunch of ignorant buffoons. Getting up in arms over some obscure thing like 3D printing isn't going to make anyone safer. But their response seems to suggest that the reason they aren't meddling is that the technology isn't reliable enough over time! They could at least be consistent.

Comment: Can't they bypass this? (Score 1) 270

by Kyogreex (#42780289) Attached to: Why Microsoft Office For iOS Will Likely Never See the Light of Day
Couldn't they just do what some apps already do and require the user to log in to use the service? If it has to have some basic free functionality, they could just make it a viewer for office documents (after all, you can already do that for free). It's not as if Microsoft isn't popular enough that people would know to go to their website even if they can't link to it.

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