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Comment: Re:Isn't that just... (Score 1) 195

by Kupek (#27331151) Attached to: Chimps Have a Built-In GPS

The question is not whether or not an animal is able to navigate. All animals do navigation of some kind.

The question is how the animal navigates. The researchers are arguing that instead of using landmarks ("I've reached the big tree, I should turn left now"), they're relying on a mental map ("I started 20 paces forward and 5 paces left of my destination, and I've gone 20 paces forward, so I still need to go 5 paces left.")

If people here would actually take the time to read the actual research, they'd probably learn something. Instead, what I usually see is people make an assumption about what they think the research is (often aided by a poor blurb), fit it into something they already know, and dismiss it as irrelevant.

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