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Comment Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 5, Insightful) 239

There's a reason people dismiss claims of IRL "harm" the from Tipper Gores or Jack Thompsons or Anita Sarkeesians of the world. The burden of proof is always squarely on them, they almost always fail to meet it, and years later we (as often as not) get scientific evidence showing the opposite.

Comment Not an Average (Score 1) 89

I know of very few people in my social circle who have a Facebook account. I'm sure people who use Facebook will know few people who don't.

And "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" applied only to actors and actresses, so that's fair enough. On the other hand, the six was not (as I understood it) supposed to be an average, but a maximum without exceptions, so Facebook is probably falling short in that regard.

Comment MS Wants to Own Your Machine for Good (Score 5, Interesting) 581

Microsoft is sick and tired of customers resisting their latest shiny upgrade, and downright pissed off when they resist successfully, as with Vista and 8. So they are going all-in on establishing the capability to push any and all code/UI they want, for any purpose they want (DRM/adware/spyware/forced account login/whatever), to your machine at any time. If the current Windows 10 updates are this evil, imagine what they'll be like when users have no alternative.

Comment Good Video Outlining Technical Challenges (Score 4, Insightful) 407

There was a successful kickstarter for something similar, which IMO gets ripped to shreds in this video:

If you love solar panels, then why not put them, well, anywhere else instead of on a road surface where they will be under constant, severe assault by heavy vehicles with tires that can leave light-blocking rubber on them.

Doing this would be expensive and ineffective, if not impossible. It seems good for nothing but a scam to bilk investors or as another vacuous Green PR campaign.

Comment They Made Mozilla Their Bitch For a Reason (Score 5, Informative) 406

Note that browser makers Google, Microsoft, and Apple have continually pushed for DRM to become part of web standards.

And that they obtained considerable financial influence over the browser maker thought most likely to resist (Mozilla).

And that Mozilla gave in on DRM and continues to make inexpicable blunders and lose market share.

After such a relentless campaign to ensure all available browsers contain DRM, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see DRM used to protect ads, particularly in video. Stopping you from reading/recording a video stream necessarily stops you from altering it.

Damn, am I ever so happy (as always) that the proven tech leader was ousted as Mozilla's CEO in favor of the former head of marketing.

Comment Alternate Title (Score 5, Insightful) 179

"Watch Us Try to Spin as Many Science Fiction Works as Possible into Supporting All the Progressive Talking Points We Were Planning to Cram Down Your Throat Anyway"

Getting repeatedly called out on thinly-veiled, agenda-driven clickbait like this is exactly why Motherboard Vice censored its comment sections.

Comment No Bad Tactics, Only Bad Targets (Score 2) 229

Hacktivists just annoy people briefly. It's the SJWs getting their brand of censorship baked into the terms of service of popular social media and blogging sites that have me worried. They're the ones who are really going to block freedom of speech by making it so that anyone who exercises their freedom of speech faces the possibility of being effectively blacklisted from ever working again. (See Trump being fired from his own reality TV show for telling the truth about immigration in the US. Now imagine that same thing used against someone without the resources to shrug it off.)

Spot on. Bit of a red flag in the summary:

As New World Hackers demonstrate, attacks can target the wrong people and restrict free speech.

I'd like to give this phrasing the benefit of the doubt, but after seeing countless anti-Gamergate types behave according to the mantra "No bad tactics--only bad targets," I really can't. You're part of the problem if you don't understand that Trump is as much the "wrong" person as the BBC, and those who act to silence him also "restrict free speech."

Comment Today There's a Third Option (Score 2) 77

Want to muscle your way into an OSS project, despite lacking the talent or skill (or willingness) to contribute anything other than drama, identity politics, and an insatiable urge control others (or remove them if they don't fall in line)? Force a Code of Conduct (which is often explicitly racist and/or sexist, dismissive of merit, and vague enough to be selectively enforced) down its throat! It even works on the largest projects!

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