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Comment: Re:I'll explain the future. It's easy. (Score 1) 327

by KtHM (#22629380) Attached to: Reznor Follows Radiohead, Offers Free Album
There is one giant glaring error with that model, and I don't know that anything is being done about it. (Disclaimer: I've never used Pandora, but I have used

Sometimes, I want to listen to classic rock. Sometimes metal. Sometimes trance. Sometimes, I want to listen to Final Fantasy soundtracks. I do not want to listen to all of them at once. I do not want to listen to some strange meld of them all. Short of making a half dozen usernames for each genre I like, what is the solution? Obviously just getting people to tell you what they like doesn't work - "classic rock" covers a large area, and not the same one in everyone's minds.

Not criticizing your point, just saying, it's not perfect yet.

Life would be so much easier if we could just look at the source code. -- Dave Olson