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Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 1) 407

10 - 20 "rooftops" to one inverter? You do know that one panel being obscured can dramatically bring down the efficiency of all the others connected to the same circuit, right? Hence micro-inverters are gaining popularity....increased points of failure (one per panel) but increased efficiency...e.g. one panel is obscured, but it's isolated from the rest, so not bringing down the efficiency of the others.

Comment Inflammatory Opinion Piece / Clickbait (Score 4, Informative) 180

Apache software doesn't require the source to be released. Author thinks all open source software should be released to the masses. People asked for their source code, Jide said no, because they weren't partners and explained that Remix OS itself is not open source.

They even had the author of UNetBootin post in the comments section of the story saying he was fine with what Jide had done. Android-x86 project also seem to be on board from what I can gather.

So what's the problem, other than Jide not doing what the author thinks they should do?

Comment Re:Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes (Score 3, Interesting) 285

Granted, Powershell 1.0 was pretty horrible, I don't get all the Powershell hate. Have you even tried to learn to use recent versions of it?

I absolutely despised it back when I was deploying Exchange 2007 RTM on Windows Server 2003, but that's going back almost a decade.

These days I use Powershell for a ton of stuff. I love the fact that everything is an object. For example, manager asks me for stats from AD, powershell script requesting user objects and filtering the appropriate fields, BAM, create a CSV, pretty it up in Excel and send it off to my manager.

Plus tying into .NET is kick ass too. I've got scripts that update and extract data from MSSQL, amongst other things. Hell, I even played with scripting text to speech alerting just to see if I could, and it was really easy!

Give it another try, it's actually a lot better

And no, before I'm labelled an MS evangelist: I've worked for 2 ISP's in 100% Linux and BSD environments and have thoroughly used at least 7 or 8 different distro's, I run Linux at home for NAS and Asterisk PBX and I own and operate 2 Macs - in addition to my Windows Desktop PC. My current role just happens to be maintaining a 90% Microsoft Environment

Comment Recovery (Score 1) 37

I think the idea of not going beyond line of sight is that you'll still be able to recover from FPV equipment failure, and also so you can be more aware of what's around the craft in the area you're flying (e.g. visually inspect what it's flying above).

You can simply look up, or take off your goggles (if you're using them instead of an LCD). In addition, some countries require a second person as a "spotter" to keep an eye out, visually, for things the pilot can't see.

Go beyond line of sight and you don't know what's around the craft other than what you can see through the (usually low quality) camera. Also the majority of autopilot mechanisms available today have no object detection and avoidance, so they can fly into solid objects (including people).

Comment I'm looking forward to using it (Score 1) 489

Windows 10 has a few neat features for Enterprise like some of the new management capabilities and more cloud integration. Although my role at work is more behind the scenes, server infrastructure, I do look forward to taking a look at being able to authenticate with Azure Active Directory or Windows Active Directory. Things like that.

I'm sure I'm not the only one. It makes sense for those that already have an investment in Microsoft infrastructure.

Home users, maybe they won't appreciate it so much, and that's fine, they can run what they like. That's their choice. I run a couple of Linux boxes, a Mac and a Chromebook in addition to Windows in my home, they all have their strengths and their weaknesses.

For work though, we're a Microsoft shop (long before I arrived) and that's fine by me. With adequate change control in place, regular maintenance and good infrastructure decisions, we have very little downtime. I expect performance and reliability to remain that way, or even improve as we deploy Windows 10 and its server equivalent in our environment after sufficient testing.

Comment Says a lot about the MCP Exams (Score 4, Informative) 276

I remember earlier in my career, looking for work with a tertiary qualification and 4 years experience in the IT workforce under my belt (I worked in IT before, during and after tertiary study) and being turned down by potential employers because I wasn't "Microsoft Certified"

Nevermind the fact that at least 2 of the papers I studied toward that tertiary qualification revolved around configuring and supporting Microsoft networks and I'd been working with Microsoft technologies full time for about 2-3 years prior.

I later just got the damn certification anyway, because I needed the job prospects that came with it. I learnt very little by doing it.

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