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Comment: Re:Other Amendments (Score 1) 490

by Krow10 (#31506610) Attached to: 11th Circuit Eliminates 4th Amend. In E-mail
Forgive me for the late reply. I just wanted to point out that the Congressman who proposed the 14th Amendment, Representative Bingham, explicitly stated in arguing for the amendment that it would apply the Bill of Rights to the States. He said things like "I have advocated here an amendment which would arm Congress with the power to compel obedience to the oath, and punish all violations by State officers of the bill of rights, but leaving those officers to discharge the duties enjoined upon them as citizens of the United States by that oath and by that Constitution." And "Gentlemen who oppose this amendment oppose the grant of power to enforce the bill of rights." And much more. Incorporation is not a 20th Century invention, but was explicitly intended.

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