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Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405 405

Now you're starting to sound like my grandma that refused to use the microwave oven given to her one Christmas. When she died 12 years later, it was found in the basement still sealed in the box. To scared of change.

I wasn't crazy about Win8 at first but when I got my new laptop that came with it, it's not anywhere near as bad as what you read about online. I almost never see the tile screen because I set my windows to also default to the desktop. A quick glance at my computer and you would think it's Win7.

Stop nitpicking.

Comment Re:Why are websites dragging their feet on this? (Score 1) 93 93

THE CODE IS ALREADY DONE!!!! Why don't they just throw the switch?

Good question. I don't know the answer, but there's probably a reason.

Most likely due to the hand full of people still on Windows XP and using IE8. At my work when I updated one of our websites a few months ago to something more modern, a customer called and complained because it wasn't rendering correctly. He was using IE8 and refused to use anything else. Sadly my boss forced me to return to our 2005 style website all because of one dipshit person.

Comment Re:Bring-on the Apple haters (Score 2) 91 91

Walled garden makes no difference, as this apparently exploits old Android bugs to install itself.

The big difference is that Apple continues to support old devices with new versions of the operating system until the hardware becomes too outdated to run it. Android devices are lucky if they get two upgrades before the carrier or manufacturer declares them done.

And, yes, that's one reason I'm expecting to dump Android for Apple when Google stop supporting my Nexus tablet.

Apple does stop supporting. My (no longer used) iPad is stuck on iOS 5.x.

Personally I believe device manufactures should be held accountable for not pushing OTA updates to patch security exploits. At least for x number of years after releasing a device or Google stops patches for that version of Android. This is one reason I moved to a Nexus 6 from a Samsung Note 2. I was considering a Note 4 but I hate always being 2 versions behind in Android versions. Samsung claims they are working on 5.0.x for the Note 2 but if and when they push it out, Android M (5.2?) will be out. Sure I was already running 5.1 because I root. That's not the point. The point is that these companies being slow at pushing out OS updates is whats keeping so many people's devices at risk.

Comment Re:Restarting services in use by the GUI session (Score 1) 628 628

I haven't had to restart my windows for some time now when updating my video drivers. They restarting while installing. With dual monitors it shoves all my items on the second monitor's desktop over to my main display which is kinda of annoying though.

Comment Re:For an alternative (Score 2) 581 581

If you're interested in a Reddit-like site that won't arbitrarily close your subreddit and shadowban you because they don't like what you're talking about, voat.co is shaping up pretty nicely.

Not yet anyways. Once they get big enough and popular outside groups will start putting pressure on them to close various subs.

Also I have yet to see voat. It's always down when I go there.

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