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Comment: Re:MMORPGs aren't any of those things anymore (Score 1) 75 75

Can't watch the video, but I'll just say this:

At the same time, that polish means we increasingly cast off the quirky, unique, or memorable experiences that the older MMOs did provide (even if they did so mostly by accident).

There's a reason that WOW is the only what I'm going to call "AAA" MMO. No MMO since has come close to its subscriber numbers. WOW peaked at 12 million subscribers and the closest competition can't even peak at a tenth of that. (So by "AAA" I mean active player counts in the millions rather than in the hundreds of thousands.)

WoW is still top mainly because with ever new MMORPG launch, players expect it to be as smooth and refined as WoW. This will NEVER happen. WoW has had 10 years to fine tune everything from character control to server stability. When new games launch and people can't login at all within the first 1-2 weeks they tend to give up and move on calling the game a POS.

Oh and one other MAJOR factor that keeps WoW so strong, the game's ability to allow custom addons. That and Blizzards openness with allowing websites to use game images and even go as far as connect to the API to pull so much character, guild and item data and display it on your own web sites without having to pay Blizzard.

In my opinion, one of the best games out there now is Final Fantasy XIV: ARR. Game is smooth, lots of options, amazing graphics. I just wish more of my other online buddies would play.

Comment: Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 75 75

Ingress is different. With Ingress, you're playing with real people in real space.

This made me giggle. When I played there would so many people cheating in various ways it made me pretty sad and angry. One guy bragged about having 8+ accounts that he played all from his house spoofing. If one got banned he didn't care because he has others and would just power level another one up within a day.

I quit because of two reasons, Players cheating (on both sides) and Niantic being very disorganized with how it would pick and choose which rules to enforce.

Comment: Re:Just run your own (Score 1) 147 147

I never heard of anybody ever being "cut off" for doing this.


If the big 2some Comcast and Verizon get their way with net neutrality then you can be sure this will be on their list of pipes to control. I'm already shocked they haven't tried blocking all internet ports and selling various ones in packages. Oh you want FTP? then you need to upgrade your Internet package to the next tier. You want VoIP port 5060? I'm sorry you can't have that. It directly competes with our own telephone service.

Comment: Re:Well its simple (Score 1) 70 70

Keep fighting with them. You will win.

They wanted to charge my parents to run to a pole half way up their driveway, about 500ft. Cable that was there at one time but got ripped down by a passing truck and never restored. I got on the phone with them and they agreed to run the cable at no cost.

You should tell them to run the damn cable and get minimum of 1 new customer, don't run it and have 0 chance of ever getting new customers.

On a side note, Charter net speeds, pings and overall quality for my have been near perfect. I easily pull 7.5MB (the 60mbit) that they offer me any time day and night. My gaming pings are some of the lowest I have ever had from 8ms to 23ms for various games.

Comment: Re:hmmm (Score 1) 86 86

I see it the other way around... If the domain is part of some financial institution or doing any type of selling and so on and IS listed as private then that's a red flag and means stay away.

This will just lead to even more false information and cheap post office box rentals to cover tracks.

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