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Comment Re:Anonymous reader? (Score 1) 83

I had Verizon since right before they ended the unlimited data. I was grandfathered in and stayed on it. I won't lie when I say they have great coverage. The speeds were also more than enough at 50+mbit. When I traveled, I always had service for the most part. Earlier this month I changed to Project Fi due to Verizon raising my data fee by $20/month. I felt it's unjust to charge me more because dick head bob over there sucks 2TB+ a month.

Now Project Fi uses Sprint and T-Mobile networks. In my area T-Mob is pretty good until you get to the country side. Sprint is pure shit. (I live in the second largest city in my state too). For the price I pay now I'm fine with it so far. Time will tell.

Verizon coverage is great and I praise that. The company on the other hand is one of the worse. Their tactics, how they treat their customers, delayed system updates and going out of their way to try and lock down a device as hard as possible.

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

I know people that have the Verizon Unlimited and use over 300+ GB/month. They brag about it too and how much of that is wasted. They do it because "they can" and hate Verizon.

I'm also still on the VZW Unlimited and only used it within my means. Some months I may only use 5GB, others while traveling I might have used 15. I think 20 is the most I have ever used and it's always while traveling. So what it comes down to is some people abused it just to be dicks. If you're legit using 300+ GB and not piping half of that to /dev/null then so be it. These abusers got my bill increased my $20/month.

And yes I will be changing carriers. I'm willing to continue my $89/month with unlimited if VZW accepted that but I won't pay a penny more. They either get $89/month or nothing.

Comment Re:I don't like this at all (Score 1) 176

Still being on unlimited and paying for it on time each month this getting bent over like this enrages me. Less than 1% of Verizon's users are still on unlimited and of those it's a fraction that user crazy amounts of data. I use on average 8gigs a month but when traveling I might use up to 20gigs. I'm going to walk into a Verizon store and say, "You can keep getting my $96/month and keep me on the unlimited or you will get $0/month and I'll take my business somewhere else." I'm sure they won't care but I'll try to embarrass while i'm there in front of other customers.

I'm looking into moving to Google's Project Fi. I'll have to watch my data usage while traveling till I'm use to it but that's ok.

Comment Re:They will be a muslem country in a few years. (Score 1) 205

Wow, you guys have really been taken in by the US media's propaganda.

I live in the US and I have no clue what you're referring to. These are just idiots. The media here is bad but not this bad or in this way. The extreme right republicans would do this but most of the media is on the left.

Comment Re:So how is this different (Score 1) 101

Google Wallet is a stand alone app thus you had to first open it to make a tap payment. This is more or less built in and just tap your phone and it pays.

I'm assuming there will also be more flexible options at some point like an API that apps can use to access and use the Android Pay, if there isn't already one.

Comment Re:... using the name and e-mail address of other (Score 1) 319

Usually all sites will send a confirmation email and only enable the account if a confirmation link or code from that email is used.

HA, No they don't. Someone started using my gmail address years ago (thinking it was theirs) to create accounts. I have access to so many accounts it's borderline wrong. This person even let their kid sign-up to EA's and bought a game. I did an account password reset seeing as the email address is mine and now the game belongs to me and they can't play it anymore.

Once I even got digital plane ticket's emailed to me from an Australian airline. I was able to do a password reset and get into the account and do whatever I wanted.

Companies seem to be relying on the "type your email 2 times" method and not the ending an email to verify. It's pretty sad.

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