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Comment: Re:MY data in AMAZON's cloud ?? (Score 1) 121

by Krojack (#49354655) Attached to: Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans

That's fine and dandy for you who seem to have the time to manage the systems. You're just one of the extreme few in the world that's willing to do this. Your average person can't do this or doesn't have the time. I use to love building these systems in my younger days but now I don't have the time to do it. I would rather update my data in an encrypted state to some servers that I know have countless forums of redundancy.

Comment: Re:You don't say... (Score 2) 606

by Krojack (#49218897) Attached to: YouTube Video of Racist Chant Results In Fraternity Closure

By law in the USA the government can only restrict speech that poses an imminent danger of unlawful action, where the speaker has the intention to incite such action and there is the likelihood that this will be the consequence of his or her speech, may be restricted and punished by that law.

Last I checked the Constitution only applies to the government. The /. admins could restrict anything they want to and not be against the law. Any private organization can censor the speech is within their property as they please. Now if this university receives government funds then it's a different story.

Comment: Re:Browser Makers Should Get The Message (Score 2) 353

by Krojack (#49080021) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Most Useful Browser Extensions?

Browser: Google Chrome
Extension: Tabs to the front!
What it does: Brings newly created tabs to the foreground.

When opening a link in a new tab on my phone and having to take the extra time to then change to it enrages me. Why would anyone long press a link and choose "Open in new tab" and not want to view that tab right away? Why does Chrome toss it in the back?

Comment: Re:Abandoned calls - heh (Score 1) 247

by Krojack (#48884887) Attached to: Dish Network Violated Do-Not-Call 57 Million Times

These days that's totally changed, so it doesn't cost them much to make calls and abandon them

More and more robo calls are made from hacked Asterisk servers. This cost them zero yet the owner of the hacked Asterisk server often gets a bill in the tens of thousands.

Also when I get someone calling me and trying to offer me services of some sort, I instantly start talking over them and try to sell them various services my job offers. Two can play at that game.

Comment: Re:Well if that happens, it'll be bye bye Samsung. (Score 1) 243

by Krojack (#48860201) Attached to: Could Tizen Be the Next Android?

And while you can't technically delete the apps without root, you can disable them, which makes them essentially deleted (they won't show up in the app drawer or notifications or intents). The only difference is that the app is still taking up a tiny bit of space, but this is hardly worth throwing a fit over.

I've noticed on my Samsung tablet which I haven't bother to root yet, if you disable some of the Samsung apps or 3rd party apps like Flipboard that came pre-installed, they will magically become re-enabled and update.

Also the pre-installed games that you can't uninstall can take up several hundred megs of space.

Comment: Re:islam (Score 5, Insightful) 1350

by Krojack (#48755407) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ

But that was how many years ago? 500+? The Catholic church and it's beliefs have greatly changed since. The way I see it, Islam (or some members/sections of it) today is where the Christian/Catholic religion was many centuries ago was. Trying to force their beliefs on others and wanting to kill those that don't accept. The true Muslim people that are against this violence need to stand up. This is a fight that can only be won from within it's own religion with its own people if you ask me.

(I too am not religious. I don't hate them I just choose not to be brain washed)

Comment: Re:They're assholes. (Score 3, Interesting) 336

by Krojack (#48675997) Attached to: Why Lizard Squad Took Down PSN and Xbox Live On Christmas Day

Being able to directly connect to other players is fine but you need to already know a buddy and their IP address first. You would no longer be able to connect to a random game with random people. I loved playing Doom 2 & Warcraft 2 with others but could only do it with my friend when he was home and online or we packed up our computer and took it to the other persons house.

That COULD be an option but very few people would use it today.

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