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Comment Re:... using the name and e-mail address of other (Score 1) 319

Usually all sites will send a confirmation email and only enable the account if a confirmation link or code from that email is used.

HA, No they don't. Someone started using my gmail address years ago (thinking it was theirs) to create accounts. I have access to so many accounts it's borderline wrong. This person even let their kid sign-up to EA's and bought a game. I did an account password reset seeing as the email address is mine and now the game belongs to me and they can't play it anymore.

Once I even got digital plane ticket's emailed to me from an Australian airline. I was able to do a password reset and get into the account and do whatever I wanted.

Companies seem to be relying on the "type your email 2 times" method and not the ending an email to verify. It's pretty sad.

Comment Re:Wrong folks to ask (Score 1) 105

This is what I keep pushing for. Manufactures and carriers should have 30 days AFTER Google patches to push out the fixes for ALL security vulnerabilities. Those that fail get a fine for each day after 30 days they are late. Samsung is still working on Android 5.0.2 for my old Note 2 and my Note 10.1 tablet. Fucking 5.0 was released over 13 month ago.

I say as long as Google is still patching versions of Android then manufactures should be required to push out those versions to their devices.

Comment Re:Already patched (Score 1) 105

it is oss as far as the os goes, but many of google's apps and their underlying service frameworks are closed source. so what you do is compile the os for your device and obtain an archive of the google apps/services exactly like cyanogenmod, et. al. do.

So, it is Open Source in the same way that OS X and iOS are. Darwin is Open Source. Many Frameworks are Open Source; but then...

Where can I download the iOS source code? Oh wait you can't. But you can download the Android source code

The only broken part of Android is when other device manufactures get their hands on it. They are the ones that are updating their devices. I have a Nexus 6 which gets updates right from Google. This is no different the someone having an iPhone and getting updates right from Apple.

Comment Re:More proof... (Score 1) 60

Google is who I'm now starting to wonder about, with all of these unpatchable cell phones because they don't want to support Android 2.3 or 4.1 even though the devices with these versions can't run anything newer.

Should Ford also be required to make parts for the Model A? At some point a company has to stop supporting old outdated products. For Google, once devices are no longer sold with X version of Android then they should set a date that they will stop support for it. Until then they can just apply security patches. That doesn't mean the device manufacture will update THEIR modified version of android and push it out to the devices though.

I do believe that device manufactures/carriers should be required to push out android updates within a set amount of days after Google has applied a security patch. Say 30 days. If someone falls victim to an exploit (such as the SMS/MMS one) that was fixed months ago but your device manufacture didn't push out a patch, you should be able to hold them responsible.

Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405

Now you're starting to sound like my grandma that refused to use the microwave oven given to her one Christmas. When she died 12 years later, it was found in the basement still sealed in the box. To scared of change.

I wasn't crazy about Win8 at first but when I got my new laptop that came with it, it's not anywhere near as bad as what you read about online. I almost never see the tile screen because I set my windows to also default to the desktop. A quick glance at my computer and you would think it's Win7.

Stop nitpicking.

Comment Re:Why are websites dragging their feet on this? (Score 1) 93

THE CODE IS ALREADY DONE!!!! Why don't they just throw the switch?

Good question. I don't know the answer, but there's probably a reason.

Most likely due to the hand full of people still on Windows XP and using IE8. At my work when I updated one of our websites a few months ago to something more modern, a customer called and complained because it wasn't rendering correctly. He was using IE8 and refused to use anything else. Sadly my boss forced me to return to our 2005 style website all because of one dipshit person.

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