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Comment Re:Outside factors (Score 1) 191

After all, they heartily approve of forcing taxpayers to pay for free schooling that teaches illegal alien kids that America is evil & racist while failing to teach them English, because English literacy == racism. After all, they go to private prep schools and don't have to see any of those kids, so it's all well and good if the the lower classes have to put up with them.

Plus, by losing to the prison debate team, they demonstrated that a reformatory rather than punitive agenda in incarceration can work. Win-win!

Comment Re:More like inability to prioritize or be efficie (Score 1) 203

I see things being done in a way that costs around five times as much as we would do it in small- to mid-scale private industry, and even at that expense level the quality of work is outright appalling.

I recall a story that conveys this rather poignantly.

Comment Re:I dont get it (Score 3, Insightful) 206

The existing authorities lied to us, and he's pretty much in exile for releasing this information to an organization that would responsibly-ish bring it to light.

The authorities still have much to lose if they reveal the truth, so if we want the truth we have to go to what he released. He's already shown that he'll stick his neck out and personally lose a lot to bring the truth to the public, ironically (?) making him an authority by acting in the opposite way of how existing authorities do.

Comment Re:Seen this first hand (Score 1) 131

The carpenter working on a flashy new building doesn't get any credit either while he toils away at relatively low pay to build the design from the architect.

Amen, brother, a carpenter like that will never get proper recognition. If you really want to make it count, you gotta start your own religion.

Comment Problem solved (Score 1) 38

requiring the two nation's to create a 'high-level joint dialogue mechanism,'

Hey, I can help! Just give me an hour to get a red case from the kiosk in the mall, and they can use my cell phone as a mechanism for high level communications, including dialogue, for a very reasonable price.

I'll bet the problem is that you also have to legally alter where apostrophes go in English. If so, I'm out of luck; these international relations issues always have some kind of catch.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.