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Comment Re:Complete video stream pre-rolling (Score 1) 508

Yet streaming video players are deliberately coded to be as stupid as possible, and not allow the user to "pre-roll" the entire video, basically meaning that they open up the video player, then leave it paused for half an hour or an hour while the video downloads, then come back and watch the whole thing at full quality with no "graceful downgrades" due to their connection being slow.

Does anyone have hard information on why pretty much everything is coded this way? With all the features they offer, I'm kind of hard pressed to understand why there isn't a single video player, or maybe even a specialized proxy server, that offers an option to buffer videos like this.

Comment Re:Worse than clickbait ! (Score 1) 392

Actually, no. The very nature of their job is that if they're successful, absolutely nothing happens. Consequently, the only evidence they have that an attack was thwarted are some written plans, drawings scrawled on a napkin, or chemicals that could be used to make a bomb. They can't even be sure that they really did stop a terror attack, or if they just caught some raving lunatic with delusions of executing a terror attack.

Sounds like life in an IT infrastructure group.

And they can't crow about it until many years later, because doing so could tip off related terrorist cells that they're close to being captured.

Ok, maybe this one's a bit more of a stretch.

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