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Comment Tying it all together (Score 1) 467

I found that learning about the toolchains, the reasons for having sources (or just headers) available on-system, and compiling my own apps from sources has had the effect of really showing me (and others, who I've had go through these concepts) how the openness of linux ties in with programming and creating software.

Comment IEEE 1541 Recommendations (Score 2, Interesting) 984

I thought the reputable mfgs had already jumped on the bandwagon where they use kibi-/mebi-/etc prefixes to denotes powers of 2? See IEEE 1541. Following this standard, the change makes sense. Either that or they should have switched to the binary prefixes.

Submission Japan Immigration directed to forcibly take prints->

CB-in-Tokyo writes: In reaction to the protests caused by Japan's new fingerprinting system, the Ministry of Justice has issued a directive (English Translation) that all foreigners that do not agree to give their fingerprints be incarcerated and "pursuaded" to give their prints, immediately to be followed by deportation. Immigration officials state that during the period of incarceration, "We will sufficiently persuade the refuser to cooperate, and endeavor not to do this by force."

The new fingerprinting and photographing system is under a lot of fire by the foreign community in Japan as it targets not only tourists, but also permanent residents. The system is being presented outwardly as a way to counter terrorism, but is being touted internally by celebrity spokespeople as a way to cut down on foreign crime in Japan. It is illegal under Japanese law to fingerprint citizens, unless they have been accused of a crime, however foreign residents have no such protection, and now under the new directive foreigners who refuse will no longer not just be refused entry, but also coerced into providing personal biometric data.

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