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Comment: What he actually said (Score 3, Insightful) 78

by Krakadoom (#45644205) Attached to: EU Warns Nokia Not To Become a Patent Troll
Nowhere does it say that Nokia cannot leverage it's patent portfolio and make a business out of that. The operative word in the Commission statement is "illegal". Being a patent-owning business (and nothing else) is not illegal, nor is licensing the property for considerable fees. Heck, suing for profit isn't either. So the actual value of this statement is minor.

Comment: Old habits and all that (Score 1) 383

by Krakadoom (#43205447) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which Google Project Didn't Deserve To Die?
I wish they wouldn't shut down iGoogle. I have been using this as my default browser page ever since it was introduced (I think), and I'm really happy with it. It lets me put everything I use most often and some handy newsfeeds that keep me informed during the work day all in one place. I really dont understand why they'd nix it, especially since it doesn't seem like it's a big ressource draw.

Comment: Exploits are exploits (Score 1) 233

by Krakadoom (#41198333) Attached to: ArenaNet Suspends Digital Sales of Guild Wars 2
"The so called exploit was in fact an error on ArenaNet's side, leaving weapons at a low price from some vendors. Players saw this and started making profits buying and selling the items. Should players be penalized for errors committed by the game developers?"

That's the very definition of an exploit - you notice something odd that is probably not supposed to be this way, you realize you can get some sort of advantage out of it, and then you repeatedly go back for more. All exploits (almost anyway) are based on some error a developer made, so the seeming outrage of the submitter is in a word idiotic. The fact that this was an obvious error makes it even worse.

Comment: Lawsuit or bust (Score 2) 176

Truth is it's probably not worth it to file a suit, but if you can afford the fees and such and dont much care about the financial side of it, it's a good way to get peace of mind. If you dont want to be out of pocked, all you can do is take it as a life lesson and next time you get password reset emails, act on them. Personally I would take the "Half a month of hosting as a good faith gesture" as a slap in the face and give em hell for it.

Comment: Re:Bah! (Score 2) 695

by Krakadoom (#38047128) Attached to: What is Your position on Climate Change?
"We know it is humans because the observed warming fits with the warming expected from the extra CO2 emission we humans have generated lately. "

So what you're saying is we know it, because it fits with the assumption we're making?

Rather it seems the current assumptions about the effects of CO2 emissions are largely based on changes in climate that may or may not have any (significant) relation to said CO2 emissions.

The causation is in no way clear, but of course the models will show whatever you want them to based on whatever assumptions you want to make.

Comment: How stable is that 2600 foot tower? (Score 0) 407

by Krakadoom (#36873974) Attached to: Massive Solar Tower Planned For Arizona
My initial question would be what happens when a hurricane lands near a 2600 foot tower perched on a giant greenhouse? Somehow the mirrors (concentrators) and water/oil tank configuration of solar power seems like a more resilient structure, if only for the fact that the mirrors are smaller and closer to the ground and you dont need a massively tall tower.

Comment: Hypocrisy (Score 5, Insightful) 147

by Krakadoom (#36484852) Attached to: Osage Oppose Wind Power At Tallgrass Prairie
Everyone loves wind power, as long as the mills aren't located anywhere near themselves. This is the story every time a project is planned. Besides it's not like you can't just dismantle a windmill, it's not like strip mining that leaves permanent scars. If the world is ever to get serious about leaving oil dependencies behind people are going to have to take the good with the bad.

Personally I love seeing windmills on our coastline and I feel good every time I look at them. They are a MUCH nicer view than the smokestack from a coal plant...

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