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Comment Re:Disruptive? (Score 1) 330

Neither salt nor preservatives are inherently bad. First, preservatives could be pretty much anything, including a lot of natural substances with no harmful effects, eg. vinegar. Second, there is increasing evidence that the demonizing of salt is ill-founded. Each person likely has a different salt requirement to function optimally and the links to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues are based on questionable studies some of which have already been disproven.

So my question is really, what was your point?

Comment Expectations (Score 1) 634

OK, so the last time I was unemployed I had about 12 in person interviews before I finally got a job from the 13th. I was absolutely qualified for every position I applied for and went on to the second interview round more than a few times. But the logic of this article, there must have been something nefarious going on. It's plainly nonsense.

Also "recruited" cannot be used in this sense. If she was recruited 4 times, that means she got the job 4 times. Otherwise she was just contacted by a recruiter 4 times - which seems to be the case. I had to read the the headline multiple times to work out why it makes no sense and the actual article to figure out what the intended meaning was.

Comment Not a bad thing (Score 1) 131

Now I own numerous Sony android devices, all of which were given the Lollipop treatment over the last few months. One doesn't want to charge fully and another now has extremely high battery use from "Android OS".

Honestly I wish Sony had waited just like LG until the updates are actually stable for basic functionality. Kudos to LG...

Comment Dumbest reasoning I ever heard. (Score 2) 667

I know this is how language scholars in my country think as well, but it's idiotic. This approach is what warps language and creates misunderstandings, when you can no longer determine from spelling or pronounciation the etymology of a word. Artists also shouldn't adopt misheard lyrics as the correct way to perform their songs. Although that might be slightly interesting.

Picking the lowest common denominator is just plain sad when it comes to language.

Comment Re:merger with Skype (Score 3, Interesting) 127

"Isn't MSN and Skype supposed to be merged??" Indeed, however, it was possible to keep using the MSN client, if you - like myself - loathed the Skype client for the buggy, cumbersome, un-intuitive piece of poo that it is. I'm not sure if the Skype and MSN infrastructure was merged, though, but since they're now announcing a shutdown I suppose it wasn't.

Comment Short list (Score 1) 635

Mostly I just can't throw tech that works perfectly well away. So I end up with X graphics cards, processors, etc in closets everywhere and a ton of old IDE drives with "backups" on them.

Plus I actually own a stereo that doesn't stream from the network, isn't surround, doesn't have have any USB ports or anything else digital, simply because the amplifier is the first major purchase I ever made in my life and it (still after 20+ years) has completely unrivaled sound.

I guess printers should be on that list, too, since they see use like twice a year maybe and I could just print at work.

Comment What he actually said (Score 3, Insightful) 78

Nowhere does it say that Nokia cannot leverage it's patent portfolio and make a business out of that. The operative word in the Commission statement is "illegal". Being a patent-owning business (and nothing else) is not illegal, nor is licensing the property for considerable fees. Heck, suing for profit isn't either. So the actual value of this statement is minor.

Comment Old habits and all that (Score 1) 383

I wish they wouldn't shut down iGoogle. I have been using this as my default browser page ever since it was introduced (I think), and I'm really happy with it. It lets me put everything I use most often and some handy newsfeeds that keep me informed during the work day all in one place. I really dont understand why they'd nix it, especially since it doesn't seem like it's a big ressource draw.

Comment Exploits are exploits (Score 1) 233

"The so called exploit was in fact an error on ArenaNet's side, leaving weapons at a low price from some vendors. Players saw this and started making profits buying and selling the items. Should players be penalized for errors committed by the game developers?"

That's the very definition of an exploit - you notice something odd that is probably not supposed to be this way, you realize you can get some sort of advantage out of it, and then you repeatedly go back for more. All exploits (almost anyway) are based on some error a developer made, so the seeming outrage of the submitter is in a word idiotic. The fact that this was an obvious error makes it even worse.

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