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Submission + - Create sperm from your bone

G3ckoG33k writes: According to results published in the journal "Reproduction: Gamete Biology" scientists have created sperm from bone marrow. They were excited as their "earlier work in mice suggests that we could develop this work even further". The next step will be to produce mature sperm in the laboratory which they expect may take around three to five years of experiments and where they will collaborate with other scientists to take this work forward. Finally, they claim they will continue to work "within a reasonable ethical and social framework to be able to take this work to its next stage". I can't but help wondering what that framework might be.

Comment Re:Could someone... (Score 2, Interesting) 158

Reasons this story is interesting: Space frontier: A new rocket is developed Economic: It will have to compete with the cheap decommissioned Russian ICBMs Technological: solid fuel (aka firework material) that is harnessed to produce thrust Geekly: the test reported refers to the casting process for the solid fuel using an inert alternative (which? sugar cake - yamm!) Flamebait: another stage for US-European space antagonism Italians in space: it is mostly an Italian project within ESA

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