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Comment: Re:Aren't these private websites? (Score 3, Insightful) 118

by Known Nutter (#45894909) Attached to: Dallas PD Uses Twitter To Announce Cop Firings

you are immediately confronted with a login page (just like facebook), and you have to have credentials in order to see the posts

But that's not what has happened in this case. DPD's Facebook page is public and viewable without being logged into Facebook, as are the details of each officer's discipline posted on Facebook.

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by Known Nutter (#45894865) Attached to: Dallas PD Uses Twitter To Announce Cop Firings

You don't have to subscribe to get a newspaper. Anyone can simply (and anonymously) purchase a newspaper. Facebook, twitter, whatever, it's the same as if he posted a bulletin at the local Freemason lodge, and they made copies and posted it at every lodge in the world. If you're not a member, you don't get that 'news'.

I'm not a member of twitter. I'm not a member of Facebook. Not that it matters, but I'm not a member of the Freemasons, either.

I got the news.

Like it or not, and I'm pretty sure I don't, social media is (has?) becoming as ubiquitous as a newspaper and allows a police department (or anyone else) a voice that traditional media can pick up on, as has happened in this story. So, I wouldn't agree that a police chief posting to the department's official twitter and facebook is "the same as" a posting in a Freemason lodge bulletin board.

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So long as you repeatedly and disingenuously take each instance as a single instance, you make sense.

Way to miss my point. As I said...

... I do know it's going to take just a bit more critical thinking than either of these two thought processes to figure the thing out.

My point was that many, many people on comment threads seem to be disingenuously taking the single instance of the global warming researchers' ships stuck in ice as de facto proof that global warming is bunk. My point was not to debate the merits of either position.

Comment: Re:This whole incident... (Score 2, Insightful) 382

of people setting out to the pole at summer, to highlight the damage wrought by global warming, and then getting stuck in the ice, and then their rescuers getting stuck in the ice... it really feels as if over-the-top global warming alarmism has jumped the shark.

This bit here is pretty popular on the internet these days. Taking a single incident of global warming researchers stuck in ice and using the (rather remarkable) irony of that to debunk global warming as a whole.

My reply to that thus far has been something along the lines of me, using that same logic, being able to prove global warming is occurring by pointing out the 19% of normal snow pack in the California Sierra right now.

I am no environmental scientist, but I do know it's going to take just a bit more critical thinking than either of these two thought processes to figure the thing out.

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by Known Nutter (#45545447) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Top Black Friday Tech Picks?

CHAPEL HILL, NC -- Area resident asmkm22 does not own a television, a fact he repeatedly points out to friends, family, and coworkers -- as well as to his mailman, neighborhood convenience-store clerks, and the man who cleans the hallways in his apartment building.

asmkm22, who tells as many people as possible that he is "fully weaned off the glass teat."

"I, personally, would rather spend my time doing something useful than watch television," asmkm22 told a random woman Monday at the Suds 'N' Duds Laundromat, noticing the establishment's wall-mounted TV. "I don't even own one."

According to Melinda Elkins, a coworker of asmkm22's at The Frame Job, a Chapel Hill picture-frame shop, asmkm22 steers the conversation toward television whenever possible, just so he can mention not owning one.

"A few days ago, [store manager] Annette [Haig] was saying her new contacts were bothering her," Elkins said. "The second she said that, I knew asmkm22 would pounce. He was like, 'I didn't know you had contacts, Annette. Are your eyes bad? That a shame. I'm really lucky to have almost perfect vision. I'm guessing it's because I don't watch TV. In fact, I don't even own one."

Comment: What else needs to be said. (Score 1) 610

The US Government / NSA spies on its citizens. They collect a tremendous amount of data and use it in ways which could easily be described as "nefarious." The NSA also spies on foreign officials and citizens, too -- surprise! They collect this data and use it to...what...sell girl scout cookies?!??

People who don't already this are in a serious state of denial or simply aren't paying attention.

Perhaps, collectively, we may be in a state of burn-out on the issue though. With news aggregators posting NSA stories once or twice a day in an obvious attempt for page views, it's tough to discern who the real whore is here...

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by Known Nutter (#45095451) Attached to: Most Cave Paintings Were Painted By Women, Says Penn State Researcher

a) He doesn't know shit about what life was like back then. Nothing wrong with that. b) He doesn't know that he doesn't know. Something seriously wrong with that. c) Who gives a shit anyway?

d) you don't know anything about it, either.

I'd be willing to bet folks much smarter than you know plenty of "shit" (to use your academic term) about life "back then."

Like anything else, it's pretty easy to simply dismiss that which you do not understand.

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by Known Nutter (#45063201) Attached to: Sick of Your Local Police Force? Crowdfund Your Own

Leave Oakland. I don't care how attached I may feel to a location, the safety of my family is my number one priority.

The poverty level in some of the worst areas of East Oakland exceeds 35% - those people aren't going anywhere. Sorry, but in the real world problems like this don't have the simple solution you have put forward.

If you could afford to leave East Oakland, you very likely wouldn't be there in the first place. Accordingly, I don't see how crowd-funding private security would work. TFS mentions the Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland which enjoys the lowest crime rates (and lowest poverty rate) in all of Oakland. This project, while accomplishing very little to begin with, will not provide these services to the worst areas of Oakland -- where help of some kind is needed most.

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