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Comment Re:And you call the Americans anti-science (Score 1) 330

From the ruling of Judge Percy Schmeiser:

It does not matter how a farmer, a forester, or a gardener's seed or plants become contaminated with GMOs; whether through cross pollination, pollen blowing in the wind, by bees, direct seed movement or seed transportation, the growers no longer own their seeds or plants under patent law, they becomes Monsanto's property.

Comment Re:She's a little crazy (Score 3, Informative) 485

She says she doesn't trust Microsoft with her information, but Google? She approves of them faithfully

Why didn't you include the whole quote from the post:

My views of Microsoft and Google are pretty much diametrically opposed -- I have enormous faith in Google and Googlers doing the right thing with respect to protecting the data I share with them,

  • but even in the case of Google -- with whom I share a great deal of data -- I'm selective about what I do share.

But I guess all you really wanted to do, was to spin it so she looked foolish (just look what you used as a title for your post) -- which tells me you aren't here to have a constructive discussion and I cannot fathom why ANYONE would mod your post as insightful.

Comment Re:Does it matter if you are a sceptic or not? (Score 1) 703

So what is an acceptable probability (cost/benefit wise) for a loss of one life?
So what is an acceptable probability (cost/benefit wise) for a loss of 1 million lives?
So what is an acceptable probability (cost/benefit wise) for a loss of an animal species?
So what is an acceptable probability (cost/benefit wise) for a loss of an insect species?
So what is an acceptable probability (cost/benefit wise) for a minimum 10% loss of viability in biomes?

I can go on, but you get my point. Of course economics play a huge role in how to tackle it, but the economics of not tackle it doesn't look good at all.

End the end, the ones usually doing the cost/benefit analysis is also the ones holding the purse...

Comment Re:Does it matter if you are a sceptic or not? (Score 1) 703

Uhm, but there is no real consensus what the magnitude of the possible problem is. When lives are at stake you mostly plan for the worst case scenario, unless you are a cynic of course.

And I'm far more concerned that we choose wrongly and the whole climate becomes counter-productive which means we only will have one goal: survive.

Comment Does it matter if you are a sceptic or not? (Score 5, Insightful) 703

Not really, since if there is no man made climate change we at least need to clean up our environment anyway. If on the other hand the skeptics are wrong and they win the argument humanity is up shit creek and it's going to cost a ton of money and lives in the near future.

So, to be on the safe side isn't it better to deal with a possible man made climate change now regardless of it's true or not?

Comment Re:What's up with all the negativity (Score 1) 634

Where do you get that the goal is to get a 50/50 gender-balance? You read 50/50 and assumed that was the goal. What they did was to showcase an example where they made a new program geared at societal meaningfulness which garnered a 50/50 balance.

And the conclusion was that you can increase the number of females in engineering by changing or rephrasing the goal of the curriculum, ie. "Learn engineering and save lives" vs. "Learn engineering and design a reverse osmosis plant".

Comment What's up with all the negativity (Score 5, Interesting) 634

I see a lot of negative comments about the op-ed. I really don't get it though. A lot of posters complain that it's wrong to alter the curriculum so you can attract more female students, that it's all liberal or/and feminine hogwash.

Most universities tweak their curriculum so they are up to date and attract more students that way. So what is so wrong with making a curriculum more attractive to women? We are not talking about excluding males here, but if you feel that way maybe your ego is a bit fragile.

The whole op-ed it can be summarized in one question:
Do male engineers want to work with more female engineers? If yes, make the curriculum more attractive to women. You don't even need to change the curriculum, you only need to change the description so it shows what good engineering can do for society. It most instances, it's how you describe something that makes a sale.

Comment Re:The internet has just become Ma Bell (Score 1) 489

So you say that Netflix as a company shouldn't try to get the best deal they can they can when signing with an ISP? Interesting theory...

Any ISP signing a contract with Netflix should realize what a bandwidth hog Netflix is. If that incurs extra costs for the ISP it's THEIR problem. If someone downstream throttles Netflix because users on that ISP uses a lot of bandwidth it's still not Netflix problem, the users ISP has oversold their available bandwidth.

It's a fact that the internet provider market in the US lacks competition and is more or less monopolistic or duopolist with hints of cartel agreements. When a market is dysfunctional in that way someone has to step in and sort the mess out since it's obvious the market wasn't interested in fixing it.

And by the tone in your post you rather have a dysfunctional internet provider market that abuse and gouges it's customers every day than some weak regulation that will at least try to fix the worst problems.

And FYI, it's because of progressive world views that we have a modern society but you are welcome to stay in the past while moaning about the progressives wanting progress (because without progress things stagnate).

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