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Submission + - Wikimedia Foundation Raises $25 Million in a 9-day Fund-raiser (

hypnosec writes: The Wikimedia Foundation has announced at the conclusion of its ninth annual fund-raiser that it has managed to raise a whopping $25 million from 1.2 million donors in just over a week's time. Wikimedia ran this year’s fund raiser in English in the Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and the US. Announcing the closure of this year's annual fund-raiser, Wikimedia foundation stated that the money collected will be used to improve the MediaWiki software as well as improve its server infrastructure. As compared to last year’s fund-raiser, which got completed in 46 days, this year’s was completed in just nine days.
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Submission + - Twitter's Internal Strategy Leaked by TechCrunch (

netParticles writes: "On Tuesday evening, TechCrunch received over 300 confidential Twitter documents and screenshots. Today they claim they have come to an agreement with Twitter to publish their internal strategy, which they did on their website. The meeting notes outline with detail the problems Twitter is facing internally but most importantly: their revenue strategy! However, could it be a deliberate "leak" to effectively crowdsource their new strategy?"

Submission + - Google Reader Social Update, A Step Towards Google (

netParticles writes: "One might speculate that Google might be testing features towards Google Wave with the recent update which adds social capabilities such as following friends, searching for people's profile and "liking" shared items. There is a strong push towards real time in the search and social world that Facebook and Google are equally struggling to cope with due to Twitter's sheer force. With the series of new features in current Google Products, we can already see many elements from Google Wave surfacing. Let's hope they do it right and keep it simple! (try finding the People Search button)"

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