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Comment: Re:Here is a thought (Score 4, Insightful) 69

by Knight Thrasher (#19434099) Attached to: LEGO MMOG Named and Given a Launch Window

You're posting on /. - how could you possibly not see the irony in a post like this?

Slashdot - Geeks sitting inside on computers telling kids to go play outside!


But more to the point on topic - kids are going to play video games, no matter how hard we shake our canes or yell at them to play on our lawns. I would rather kids have the option of playing a LEGO based MMO than, say, a GTA based MMO.


+ - Top tech tips for working from home

Submitted by Moore Law
Moore Law (666) writes "Friday was national 'work from home' day in the UK and silicon.com marked the occasion by banishing the entire editorial team from the office — making do with home broadband connections and/or wi-fi at the local Starbucks. WFH — as it's known — is more than just a chance to skive at home — according to this columnist, it's also "one way to help cut carbon emissions". But this brave new world of work is not without pitfalls and misconceptions — "working from home, so goes the joke, begins with BBC Breakfast News and ends with The Simpsons... taking in Bargain Hunt, a pub lunch and an afternoon nap along the way"... But there are also plenty of practical matters to consider — as these 10 top tips show."

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