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by Kludge (#46645083) Attached to: App Developers, It's Time For a Reality Check

Taking advice from an MBA is a bad idea.
The reality is that if you blow a couple years of your life learning how to code and build apps, that is a great two years of your life spent, whether your app is "successful" or not. You will have learned a lot and people with good technical skills will always be in demand.

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by Kludge (#46574163) Attached to: 3D Printing: Have You Taken the Plunge Yet? Planning To?

Of course the answer is... it depends.

The objects that you make will not be as strong as a solid mold-made part. Printed objects are susceptible to shearing across the printed layers.

That said, you can make parts that are really quite strong. By increasing the print density, by orienting your model in the right direction, by reducing printing speeds, you can make a pretty sturdy piece of plastic.

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It's not. Not in the farthest reaches of the imagination is it even close to cool.

Dude, this is news for nerds. If you don't think this is cool, you are on the wrong site.

I did Metal CNC at home before 3D printing was ever imagined.

Did you build that Metal CNC machine yourself?

and Blender (real 3D CAD it is not)

So you are saying that I should buy my son a several thousand dollar copy of AutoCAD before I know if he is really interested in making models?

I will admit it introduces you to a world of manufacturing, where the same principals apply,

Which was the entire point of my post...

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by Kludge (#46572919) Attached to: 3D Printing: Have You Taken the Plunge Yet? Planning To?

Apparently there is quite a bit of ignorance about 3D printing here. Also slashdot has become populated with too many Apple and M$ users who have "it's not ready for the consumer" mentalities.

I bought a Printrbot Simple ($300) for my son for Christmas. He and I put it together, tweaked it, and now we use it to print cool plastic stuff. He printed a rose for his girlfriend for Valentines day which she like very much. How f*^%ing cool is that? Taking a bunch of parts, putting them together to make a machine that can make stuff. It is totally fun and cool. I'm so glad I got this thing. It has given me the opportunity to give to my son what I had when I was his age with computers: the ability to tinker with tech and make something cool.

As far as 3D printing not being "standard" nothing could be further from the truth. When you order the Printrbot Simple unassembled, you get a box full of parts in the mail and nothing else. No instructions, no software, nothing. You don't need any non-standard crap. The connector is a standard micro-USB cable. The instructions are online as web pages and help is available on the forums. The software I need to run the printer and make models is already in my Linux distribution.
"sudo yum -y install RepetierHost blender" and off we go!

If you want to do some hobbyist tinkering or if you want to give that joy to someone whom you love, get a 3D printer.

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by Kludge (#46168839) Attached to: Is Verizon Already Slowing Netflix Down?

Verizon screws with Skype too. I was trying to run Skype at a friend's place. The latency was terrible, making the program unusable. So I fired up a connection to my VPN service, which in theory should increase the latency, because it is an extra hop. Running through the VPN fixed the problem, and I could use Skype.

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by Kludge (#45626047) Attached to: After FDA Objections, 23andMe Won't Offer Health Information

For example, gallstones. My risk is 6.2%, where avg risk is 7.0%. Not bad, I have a lower chance.

If you think that "23andMe" can detect a 0.008 difference in the probability of your getting gallstones based on a genetic test, then you have been duped. The studies that 23andMe use to estimate these values are not nearly accurate enough to make these kinds of statements. That sort of statement has not been validated, and that is part of the FDA's problem with these scams.

+ - Internet Explorer Still Dominant in South Korea.->

Submitted by bmurray7
bmurray7 (2784743) writes "You might think that the country that has the fastest average home internet speeds would be a first adapter of modern browsers. Instead, as the Washington Post reports, a payment processing security standard forces most South Korean's to rely upon Internet Explorer for online shopping. Since the standard uses a unique encryption algorithm, an ActiveX control is required to complete online purchase. As a result, many internet users are in the habit of approving all AtivceX control prompts, potentially exposing them to malware."
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by Kludge (#45257343) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Are the Complete Hosting Providers?

What actually is a complete hosting provider?

A close example is Google. Google provides email, web, webmail, domain, XMPP, VOIP, all available from a single gmail login and manageable from a web interface.
No, I do not want to just rent a server from someone else, and set up and manage all this stuff myself. I want to pay for it, but I would like some competition, I do not like to send everyone to Google.
I realize that not every client will need or want all these services when I first set them up. Some clients will only use half the services ever. But having them easily accessible to the customer from a single provider if/when they need them has real value.

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