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Comment: Nice hack job. (Score 2) 80

by Kludge (#49053047) Attached to: Unearthing Fraud In Medical Trials

This article reads like the hack job that it is.

So as part of my investigative reporting class at New York University, my students and I ...

Something tells me that these people do not know a lot about science or drug evaluation, but do know a lot about trying to make a big splash with an article that "exposes" wrongdoing.

Here's a small dose of reality: All studies and clinical trials have things wrong with them. Everytime I read a study in JAMA and the NEJM, I can point out half a dozen things that should have been done differently. When evaluating whether a drug or procedure or implant is effective you always have to read these studies with a critical eye, and consider all the evidence (laboratory, clinical, statistical, etc.) when making a decision.

The fact that some "investigative reporting" students found problems with clinical studies is hardly surprising given how many details the federal government regularly documents and records.

Comment: The FDA does not do drug development (Score 1) 80

by Kludge (#49053013) Attached to: Unearthing Fraud In Medical Trials

Apparently you are under the misguided perception that the FDA does drug development. That is incorrect. The FDA does product evaluation, which is something that private industry only does because they are forced to. And I can tell you that there is no collection of scientists in the world who know more about product evaluation than there are at the FDA.

Comment: WTF? (Score 1) 177

by Kludge (#49009929) Attached to: The First Ubuntu Phone Is Here, With Underwhelming Hardware

we really haven't progress much aside from getting driver support and Android (though the biggest mobile player, has an OS that runs less efficient than iOS, BB, WP7).

WTF? Well, Android is Linux, and well, it is the biggest mobile player, but... Linux will never amount to anything.
Who modded up this shit?

Comment: No, wrong community (Score 2) 581

by Kludge (#48417193) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility

Yes, there are emacs/vi fights, but in truth these are in fun. There is not a single vi user who would say that they should build a distribution where emacs did not work. There is not a single emacs user who would say it is OK to build a distribution where vi did not work. Everyone in this community would really say, even though you may be stupid for making your choice, our distribution should work under whichever you choose.
This General Resolution was about making certain that the distribution still worked even if someone chose to use a different init system. I am not sure why that is contentious.

Comment: What about intercepting and hacking my data? (Score 5, Interesting) 81

by Kludge (#48331243) Attached to: EFF Hints At Lawsuit Against Verizon For Its Stealth Cookies

Is this not an illegal man-in-the-middle intercept and hack of my data?
I created (via my web browser) the http header and request. My device sent that http header and request to another computer with whom I want to communicate. Someone (ATT, Verizon) intercept my data, read it, hack it, and send it along. How is this not completely illegal.

Comment: Definitely worth a look (Score 2) 36

by Kludge (#48239969) Attached to: How To View the Antares Launch

If you are ever out in Maryland, these launches are worth visiting. Here is a hint: Do not go to Chincoteague Island. It is crowded and it is not all that close. You can get twice as close and less crowded by driving around on some back country roads. Google maps/earth is your friend. From our vantage point we could see the rocket before launch. At launch it was blinding. It lit up the entire landscape and we could feel the thunder thumping our chests. 100% worth it.

Comment: Honestly, I prefer the one on the left (Score 1) 555

by Kludge (#48191457) Attached to: Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork

The systemd version is significantly shorter than bash script. Yay. However,
(1) I would have to read many pages of documentation to figure out what the systemd version actually does, whereas I can just read the bash script and see what it does. What if I don't know sh? Then, I am not a real sys admin. The shell is used in many places in administering a UNIX system, not just the init system.
(2) Most importantly, I can hack that bash script to do whatever I damn well please. Have I hacked init scripts before? You bet your booty I have.

APL is a write-only language. I can write programs in APL, but I can't read any of them. -- Roy Keir