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Comment Prediction vs. observation (Score 4, Interesting) 85

You obviously are not up to speed on PSR B1913+16.
The observations of PSR B1913+16 did not just fit models of gravitational waves, PSR B1913+16 was predicted to radiate gravitational waves. Using the configuration of the pulsars, astronomers made predictions decades into the future about how that configuration would change over time due to the radiation of gravitational waves. Short story: they nailed it.
Your comparing astronomy to a magic show demonstrates your vast ignorance of modern astronomy.

Comment All detections are "indirect" (Score 1) 85

All modern detections are "indirect".
Did someone search through the jungles and return with a Polaroid photo of the Higgs boson? No.
The Higgs boson appeared as a tiny excess of a certain type of distribution of secondary particles from billions of high energy interactions. The boson itself was never seen or measured. It is possible that a different physical phenomenon or error was responsible for that tiny excess.
Just because you do it in a laboratory does not make it more "direct".

Comment FDA (Score 1) 97

This is why you have scientific FDA oversight of medical products.
Medicine for profit drives innovation. Unfortunately history has shown that hucksters abound with their secret formulas and technology. This is why the FDA exists. You can make all the money you want, but you have to prove to the FDA that it works both in principle and in practice.

Comment The principle of assholish-ness (Score 1, Troll) 75

In reality it would cost Facebook no more to allow these people full internet access than it does to allow them the limited access that they have. The reality is that they are just being assholes, limiting peoples' access. But by giving it to poor people for "free", they can get all sorts of ignorant people to come to their defense. "Oh, restricted internet is better than no internet."
Facebook, Google, etc. are evil.

Comment Separate browser use (Score 2) 63

Use different browsers for different web sites. I use firefox, seamonkey, chromium, konqueror, each one for a different kind of browsing (banking & bill payments vs. shopping vs. videos, etc.) At most they can figure out only a quarter of what I do online.

Comment Where are the standards?? (Score 4, Insightful) 134

This article shows the sad state of the internet. Why are most people not using standard internet protocols for communication? They talk about how people can't chat because WhatsApp is down. Why are people not using standard XMPP apps which could be switched among providers? Why are people not using standard VOIP services that can be switched among providers?
Why do people keep migrating to these crappy proprietary solutions?

Comment Re:Incrementalism (Score 1) 423

so anyone can use any phone to call emergency services even if the owner happens to be incapacitated. How could you possibly think that's a bad thing?

The GP did not say it was a bad thing. It is however, really annoying having an extra button there to accidentally hit.
Perhaps we should put emergency buttons everywhere! One on every wall of every room of my house! Oh my God! How was mankind able to survive for millions of years without emergency call buttons on their cell phones????

Comment Real nerd news. Reminds me of me. (Score 5, Interesting) 247

Back in 1987 I had just purchased my Casio FX-7000G scientific calculator. I read the whole manual, and made program that output a random number 1d20 number and a 1d6 (sword) number with the touch of a button. My fellow D&Ders were reluctant to let me use it for the game, but I assured them, that it was OK. After a few rounds of poor throws, they seemed OK with it. But as the evening went on all my throws were poor. I kept having to run from monsters.
The next day I made a plot of the numbers from the calculator's uniform random number generator. They were not even close to uniform! The histogram showed many more small numbers than large ones! POS!
And that is how I discovered a poor RNG in my calculator using D&D.

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