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Comment: No special conditions (Score 2) 163

The city of Austin already stated that Google got no special considerations or incentives to offer the service. I hope everyone leaves AT&T and Time Warner in droves. Unfortunately the installation extends only to the city limits, I live just outside. Would snap it up in a flash.

Comment: Re:Thin margins (Score 5, Interesting) 217

by Klaxton (#42578655) Attached to: Getting Better Transparency From Oil Refineries
Sorry but the proposed pipeline would not reduce gasoline prices in any way, it would carry tar sand sludge to Texas refineries on the Gulf coast which will then produce fuels that go on the open international market. Yes I said sludge, it isn't even oil, it is a bitumen hydrocarbon 'product' called dilbit. A bizarre highly corrosive and sticky pipeline fluid that sinks in water. Want that pipeline pumping the stuff through your state at 1400 PSI?

Comment: Re:We will get solar when there's a profit. (Score 1) 589

by Klaxton (#40850441) Attached to: Existing Solar Tech Could Power Entire US, Says NREL

.I read recently that each panel made results in 4x it's weight in toxic waste and greenhouse gasses produced as a side effect

You might want to produce an actual cite. Obviously there won't be any greenhouse gases resulting from manufacturing the panels if they do it with solar power. Panel manufacturing in the US is highly regulated so I can't see how all this toxic waste comes about. Unless you mean in China, but apparently everything is made in the dirtiest cheapest way there.

Comment: Recovering the energy (Score 2) 248

by Klaxton (#40657935) Attached to: East Texas Getting Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant
I did some looking around at this about a year ago and it turns out that the compressed air expands and therefore cools so much that unless you preheat it everything will ice up. In fact the recovery unit is typically a NG turbine. Exhaust heat from the turbine preheats the compressed air which is then mixed with NG and fed into the turbine to get boosted combustion. Much more efficient than compressed air alone.

Comment: Re:Recommended Reading (Score 1) 133

by Klaxton (#40655787) Attached to: FBI To Review Use of Forensic Evidence In Thousands of Cases
Do you really think there is anyone behind bars that's in agreement with their sentence? Putting innocent people in jail is a crime against humanity. Its a criminal act committed by our society and we all are made guilty by it. There was a recent case locally where a man's family was murdered, he was wrongly convicted of the crime and spent 25 years in jail. That's horrible. We should do everything possble to make sure things like this don't happen.

Comment: Rutan is a climate change denialist (Score 1) 87

by Klaxton (#35697012) Attached to: Burt Rutan Retires From Scaled Composites
He made great airplanes, no doubt about that. Innovative, outside the box, advanced the field, nobody can dispute that and I admire his contributions to aviation. But at the same time Rutan is a rabid anthropogenic global warming denialist and for that my respect for him is reset to zero.

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