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Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 2) 549 549

its actually physically possible, one example is that the brake fails and the failing of the brakes is not something the driver could have done about, maybe some manufacturing fault, + that the driver might be in a middle lane and the left and right lane has cars as well so they couldn’t steer away

Comment Re:Tax dollars at work. (Score 1) 674 674

there are rules and laws for a reason, and those thousands of * will be spent anyway because the government will not stop paying the people even if they had less things to do(thats highly unlikely)

now lets talk about that the time and resources could be used for better things instead

and side note, here they have realised that ppl might want to charge their phones\latptops\whatever so they have installed plugs for use in the overground, underground and trains

Comment Re:well then (Score -1) 132 132

so you mean your friend of yours is telling about military secrets to ppl outside the military?

this could be a simple thing that is called patenting and that maybe they are only to be sold to the military for they use to have advantages over other military, just because things exist means that they will be made available to the general populace for various reasons

and btw, the op of the thread was obviously sarcastic

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