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Comment: Re:well then (Score -1) 131 131

so you mean your friend of yours is telling about military secrets to ppl outside the military?

this could be a simple thing that is called patenting and that maybe they are only to be sold to the military for they use to have advantages over other military, just because things exist means that they will be made available to the general populace for various reasons

and btw, the op of the thread was obviously sarcastic

Comment: they are opening a investigation (Score 2) 245 245

they are not yet charging google for anything about android, considering the latest investigation took 5 years to make an charge we will see how in about that time how this comes about

now is it to google to show that they are not breaking any rules and that they can behave

Comment: Re:Contracts (Score 1) 131 131

in this case it was a remake, they could have followed the water fall method for that as they probably had how the game would work, story and probably a target audience already

what the lacked seemed to be an project manger\customer manager who could set his foot down and had probably a very bad written contract

Comment: Re:Contacts? (Score 1) 104 104

why not?, you might not be able to pass as someone else, but I guess if you make special contacts with a weight(yes this exist) and small lines in the contacts that reflect the light so the combination of the contacts + your natural blood vessels in the retina could make a pattern of its own, and if you belong to a spy-organisation you could probably pass as a fake\made up person

or maybe have special contacts that doesnt pass any light from behind them but reflects what you want and be able to pass as someone else

Comment: Re: Internal (Score 1) 215 215

all big titles that came out 2004, even halo 2 came out before hf2 even if it was by a week, but I played ut2004 and it has vehicles(it came out march)
bf1942 was released 2002

the only thing new was the source engine, the game half-life 2 by it self wasnt any marvel of its time, but it had a great story and was well made, but frankly it doesnt and didnt stand up to bring in new things into game play mechanics for its time

Comment: Re: Internal (Score 1) 215 215

I never saw that half-life 2 had so much more to add to game play compared to half-life 1, the only thing i remember was that you had car\boat you could drive around and a weapon that lets you pick up things to throw, like saw blades at zombies
Really there wasnt much it did do revolutionary in game play when it came out, alot of different more games were released at that time that did have more game play mechanics that half-life 2

CS:GO dosnt have all the new things, heck it is a very basic game compared to even TF, so new things are neat, but we can see that new things are not all that is needed to have a good game

I could go to say that maybe valve has a writers block for the story or the developers like mojang got tired that people(players) expected to have it all now now and as great it is in their(playes) mind that the developers got tired of it and said fuck it, I move on

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