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Comment Re:Maybe Scott just wasn't listening that hard... (Score 4, Insightful) 163

just because Nasa would point out things that are wrong it doesnt mean he must change things to reflect 100% reality, it is not a documentary it is a movie that also have the job to capture the peoples interest, and by people I mean the majority of us and not just some nitpickers

Comment he brings up alot of things that we have overcome (Score 1) 684

he seems to bring up alot of things that we already have overcome, the only thing that would be the most problem is the health issues like "your body’s muscles, including your heart..." etc and the water problem

the thing I see is that we might aim for Mars but end up on the Moon first, people seem to think just because we didnt achieve the primary goal then a secondary goal is not a option, and doing\planning for something harsher will give a "easier" goal like settling on the moon a better chance of succeeding

Comment Re:this is news? (Score 1) 317

I would not say its government run if the salaries comes from companies, but for starter it is weird to have it like a "government organization" in the first place

where is the smear campaign in this case or lobbying of said FDA by them, it seems they were doing what they were paid to do by the companies who put their money in it, promote eggs, heck even in their page they say that: http://www.aeb.org/about-aeb/a... , so this was not such much of a revelation of anything, specially when they have to release the information when asked to
it seems it is way better them being a government organization than not

Comment this is news? (Score 2) 317

so they are doing what all businesses have done when they face other competition, how can this be anything new thing, the guardian seems to have a very slow day, mabe they ran out of click baits

as long as their are not spreading lies or misleading information about their own product or competition then there is nothing to see here

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 381

1800 calories and you didnt loose weight?, with that training you are mentioning, that would make your loose weight and basically probably starve your muscle you would get less weight just because your body is eating its own muscles up.

fat cells are a bitch to get rid of, well they say you cant loose them, so if you are fat when growing up you will have more fat cells than if you had been "normal" weighted when growing up, and the only way to get rid of fat cells is to do liposuction, at adult age they can shrink when dieting, but not all of them will shrink and the fatter a cell is, it will more harder to shrink them

as you said you were training, did you then pull more and more weight and could do the cardio better?, because as said, muscles weights more than fat and at 1800 calories with that much training would have done more damage to a body than good and in that process lost weight

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 0) 381

Why dont you do that?, it seems that you just seek that others do the job for you, you could put up that weight(well if needed) and then go on a "proper" regime + workout and see if it works?, its not like you need any special machines or equipment for that

look up Drew Manning, well he did more than just "proper" regimen

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