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Comment Re: Seems really stupid (Score 1) 208

You are still an idiot to run the same parallel, all the countries that I know of already laws that forbid spreading hate speech/propaganda or making threats against others, both to hurt someone physical or economical and I don't see most of thoose countries picking up other groups or extending the definition because of that

Comment Re: Submitter has no clue what QC is. (Score 1) 101

no, real world would be:
alice: I want to talk to bob
admin: its not secure
alice: fix it
admin: will take x days
alice: fix it in 1 hour or look for another job

and sometimes A and B will need to talk even if they do know itis not secure, otherwise as a attacker you will have achived the secondary mission, making the parties not be able to talk to each other at all and loose, this is a damned if we do damned if we dont situation

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