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Comment yes (Score 3, Interesting) 371

Scrum is still used, people dont understand that scrum is to be adapted to the people/software you are working on, many combine scrum or use just parts of it, I know alot of big companies that use a combination of waterfall and scrum when doing safety critical machinery and there is like here in our company were we use just parts of it, we made it fit how we work and what we are developing.

Comment Re:George Orwell lacked vision (Score 1) 187

well that sounds alot like ufc beside the death thing, and I say alot instead of a lot and I know its wrong

but the thing is, if atleast two people are involved they are not making a decision that affects individually themselves, as one party is agreeing to not only be the one to get hurt\killed but also agreeing to hurt\kill the opposing party else even if both parties have agreed on it

Comment Re:George Orwell lacked vision (Score 2) 187

I would like to read the judgement on that, couldt not find it online, but I am not from the uk it might be blocked.

this could be as simple, he stabbed the robber once - OK , robber started fleeing and he stabs the robber 3 more times to make it fatal, make him the attacker, it is simple as that

Comment Re:Meaningless Gesture (Score 1) 210

Actually the fair trail has nothing to do with it as the EU would trust the USA the trail would be fair, the problem is as USA have death penalty, yes it is state wise and not all executions are even carried out, but that as there is a minute chance he could be sentenced to death then that will stop a extradition.

Comment Re: Bottom line (Score 1) 86

so does it affect anyone in the end?, because beside some people that really wants to really avoid getting their info handed to the gov the general populace, businesses\organisations and governments will know about this and still use that software because there is no other option or is the best economic option vs security

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