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Comment: Re:False Flag (Score 2) 177 177

"Honestly, things which 10 years ago would have been the domain of crackpots is now 100% fact."
No. I keep hearing this but you guys must have lived on another planet. The fact that all governments sucked up just about all international communications dates back to the invention of the telegraph and maybe back to the mail.
Any idea that they were not monitoring all clear text transmissions over the internet frankly I find just dumb. As far as meta data that was always up for grabs.
False flag operations? That is in the realm of tin foil hats and crackpots. Frankly the rest of it is just common knowledge to anyone with a brain.

Comment: Re:Environmentalists will cause the next nuclear a (Score 3, Interesting) 122 122

Every time nuclear power comes up someone blames environmentalists for the industry's problems -- in this case before the problems have manifested. It's an article of faith.

So far as I can see there's only ever been one plant in the US that's ever been cancelled for environmental concerns is the proposed plant at Bodega Harbor, which as you can see on the map would have been right on top of the San Andreas fault. In every other case projects have been shut down after serious miscalculations in the industry's economic forecasting (e.g. lower energy prices in the 80s than anticipated in the 70s), often exacerbated by poor project management performance. In those cases environmentalists were just a convenient scapegoat for management screw-ups.

You can see that because after the very largest anti-nuclear protests in history -- against Seabrook in NH and Diablo Canyon -- the plants were built and put into operation anyway. If a company had a plant under construction that it could make money operating, that plant would get built, even if thirty thousand people turned out to protest.

Comment: Re:It's an algorithm (Score 2) 347 347

Actually I am impressed that it did see how similar Apes and people are. Honestly people getting upset over it are just a bit silly. The problem is people think that someone put person_of_african_descent == ape in the code and that is not true. The algorithm just confused one great ape with an expressive face with another. It is no more racist or intentional than the same system confusing a Camaro with a Firebird.

Comment: Re:Iran is not trying to save money (Score 1) 361 361

Well, you have to factor in the Iranian cultural mania for disagreeing with each other. The Shah couldn't keep them under his thumb, neither can the mullahs, who have their hands full disagreeing with each other.

From a tyrant's perspective Iran is ungovernable, which doesn't mean elements in the government don't give tyranny a go on a regular basis. It's an ideal setup for producing martyrs. The futility of cracking down means you have a little space to rake some muck before official anger overcomes reason.

Comment: Re:Ask other retro communities (Score 2) 66 66

This is for a cluster that is being used not an exhibit in a glass box.
I think modifying the existing power supplies is probably the best way to go today. Replace the caps and possibly the voltage regulators with newer parts might be a really good way to go today.
I would suggest starting a project to create a modern PS that could be a drop in replacement for the old one. It could use a lot less power and be more reliable in the long run.

Comment: iOS users feel it (Score 1, Insightful) 304 304

I currently have a web radio transceiver front panel application that works on Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, under Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. No porting, no software installation. See for details of what I'm writing.

The one unsupported popular platform? iOS, because Safari doesn't have the function used to acquire the microphone in the web audio API (and perhaps doesn't have other parts of that API), and Apple insists on handicapping other browsers by forcing them to use Apple's rendering engine.

I don't have any answer other than "don't buy iOS until they fix it".

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